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Record Details

Artist:The Hal Hoppers
Label:  London
Catalogue:HL 8107
Date:Dec 1954
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Community:1 Owns
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AThe Hal HoppersMore LoveHopper, Seckler, Richards6.0  Rate
BThe Hal HoppersDo Nothin' BluesHopper, Seckler, Richards5.0  Rate


Mome Wrath
27th Sep 2015
 not a bad jiver, USA early copies credit Hal Hopper as in one person

David M. McKee
27th Oct 2014
 Errr, yes!

27th Oct 2014
 Nice one! Bet you had to pay more than the RRPG price though!

David M. McKee
27th Oct 2014
 Thanks to Sharrar, number 2,332 in my London collection - only 173 to go.

David M. McKee
15th Feb 2014
 5 hours to go and the bids are at 185 GBP. makes my bid of 1.44 GBP seem a bit silly.

Mikey Dread
9th Feb 2014
 Indeed bigtom,i use 'popsike.com' as a guide for anything above £20,then take the average sale price and set my bid firmly at that.Unfortunately,there is often someone with deep pockets who will outbid you.

6th Feb 2014
 MD no nothing new there that's just the way things are these days.I have tried it myself and lost out here and there.Then you also have the snipers to deal with.

Mikey Dread
6th Feb 2014
 I always wait until the last 8 seconds,that way your competitors don't have time to increase their bid.Trouble is,i'm probably passing this message on to most of them now!

6th Feb 2014
 With 9 days to go it is far too early to be showing your hand.With an item like that in Mint condition with two people going head to head it will reach RCPG no problem but who goes by that these days. David you will need very deep pockets for these London Tri Centres.

6th Feb 2014
 A little tip, don't bid until the last minute (if possible) ..If you do, the bids just get higher and higher (normally).

David M. McKee
6th Feb 2014
 Guess what - outbid already.

David M. McKee
6th Feb 2014
 RRPG quotes this as 40GBP, ha-ha! I need it so I'll be bidding the minimum required.

Tony P
3rd Aug 2011
 Multi-tracking was first developed by Les Paul who had his biggest hit with How High the Moon with his then wife Mary Ford on vocals. This record was issued in 1950.



2nd Aug 2011
 Amazing. Just looking at this in the Gramaphone Catalogue and there it is on the 45Cat screen!

2nd Aug 2011
 You have stumbled upon a very interesting historical point here Bill, multitrack recordings are usually said to have been developed by Ross Snyder at AMPEX * in 1955, however this record appears to predate that by a year!?

*tape manufacturers

bill mann
2nd Aug 2011
 Just checked his/their other discs on this site, one, Kem 45 2734 has at the bottom of the label 'the voice of one man'. Job sorted, sorry to have bothered you all !!!

bill mann
2nd Aug 2011
 Interesting label text, "Multi-track vocal recording by Hal Hopper", not 'the
Hal Hoppers'. Was he 'The Group', in its entirety, or did he have other members for live gigs or what? A strange one indeed

Tony P
12th Jul 2011
 For US original see 45-2733

David M. McKee
27th Jun 2011
 First of two Londons for the Hal Hoppers. ‘More Love’ is just barbershop and is nothing special. ‘Do Nothin’ Blues’ is bluesier and is preferable to the top side.

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