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Record Details

Artist:The Tune Weavers
Label:  London
Catalogue:HL 8503
Date:Nov 1957
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Community:7 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Tune WeaversHappy, Happy Birthday BabySylvia, Lopez8.0  Rate
BPaul GaytenYo Yo WalkGaytenRate


4th Sep 2014
 b side is a R&B instro, the A side is a nice teen R&B pop track, if these slowies are a bit hard going these days

25th Oct 2012
 Intact triangle centre pressing added.

David M. McKee
10th Jan 2012
 Margo Sylvia and her brother Gil Lopez performed as amateurs in the Boston area prior to forming the Tune Weavers by incorporating Margo’s husband John and her cousin, Charlotte Davis, into the line-up. In 1957, the quartet came to the attention of bandleader Frank Paul, head of Casa Grande Records, a hole-in-the-wall outfit in nearby Woburn, Massachusetts. 45-year old Paul virtually ran the label as a hobby, having released one record a year since 1952.
Casa Grande was not a rock ‘n’ roll label and Paul did not have the resources to offer much in the way of promotion, but by chance a DJ in Philadelphia slipped it into his play-list, creating an instant demand for the record. In July 1957,Chess of Chicago stepped in to buy the rights making the disc available to a wider audience, but not before substituting one of their own song copyrights, ‘Yo Yo Walk’, a plodding piano instrumental by Paul Gayten, for the original flipside.

10th Jan 2012
 Always wondered why London issued something else on the B side rather than the original Old Man River.

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