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Record Details

Artist:Ned Miller
Label:  London
Catalogue:HL 9658
Date:Jan 1963
Chart Position:2
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Community:86 Own
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ANed MillerFrom A Jack To A KingMillerFabor Robison8.0  Rate
BNed MillerParade Of Broken HeartsMillerFabor Robison10.0  Rate


3rd Jul 2015
 I don't think it's likely to be UK or Ireland. I'd suggest 45-HL 9658 as more likely, given the prominent credit for Fabor Robinson there similar to that on the sleeve.

3rd Jul 2015
 The Irish as well as the UK record have the same cat number, I'm not sure to which Country the cover belongs to

17th Aug 2014
 Original sheet music.

2nd Dec 2013
 Added further label variants.

12th Oct 2013
 Here's a rare solid centre

24th Feb 2013
 Ned Miller had a fine, traditional-sounding and instantly identifiable (that slight tremor) C & W voice, as this 'B' side amply demonstrates.


24th Feb 2013
 Added side A label variant scan with Made in England and Decca credit on left of label instead of at top.

21st Jul 2012
 Variation K/T added , sorry :)

4th Apr 2012
 ....it's nice to see you're paying attention, sit up straight now....uhh, Medomsley Road.

bill mann
4th Apr 2012
 I never thought I would be staring at Ned Miller 45s with such interest in the details. here we go ! 's' & cat no. only
Three records with 's' on both sides.
One with 's' on one side only.
HL9658 on one line, HL 9658 on 2 lines, HL.9658 on 2 lines, 45-HL 9658 on 2 lines and 45-HL.9658 on 2 lines.
I need to sit in the dark now.

4th Apr 2012
 ...check again Catagna45, three of the above variants have the enigmatic 's' aboard.
I think it has to be something to do with the printers used.

4th Apr 2012
 Hey, I've not checked but is that the first example of the mysterious Decca 's' to have migrated to London? Brunswick, next?

Paul Vinyl
3rd Apr 2012
 Label Variations Added.
No 45 Before HL

But with a Small s under M/T
& Dot after HL.
My two scans are the same as scans 6 & 7 but witthout the 45.

17th Mar 2012
 Note that on the boxed logo variants, an extra 'n' has erroneously crept into Fabor Robison's surname.

16th Mar 2012
 Further label variants added: no "45" in cat number, no matrix brackets, production credit on left (also A side publisher "Burlington Music").

Mods might like to re-order these: the "45-HL" copies are oldest, then the "HL", then the boxed logo.

8th Jan 2012
 It was on Fabor in the US. Which may explain why one label has the producer credit where the US label credit normally goes on London American.

8th Jan 2012
 Why no US label mention do you think?

9th Sep 2011
 One of my (many) Karaoke Klassix!

7th Mar 2010
 Its not just extra dots or hyphens in the catalogue numbers its also different bracketing of the matrix

7th Mar 2010
 Scans with 45 prefix but with alternative fonts/layout added.

10th Jan 2010
 I've added scans with "45" prefix.

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