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Artist:Ned Miller
Label:  London
Catalogue:HL 9658
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Community:2 Own
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This is the 1981 re-issue. Although having the same catalogue number as the original 1962 release, this pressing has a silver moulded print label rather than a paper label

8th Jan 2012
 The pressing is an I.E.P. (Integral Embossed & Painted) painted in silver, because London was now owned by Polygram who had secured London when they obtained the Decca Record Company.

Phongram the pressing/manufacturing arm of Polygram and originally Philip's pressing division, had switched and gone to IEP's over paper labels because of the automation speed/turn around and pure cost cutting.

FAJTAK has had 3 London releases

1. Original Silver Top paper labels via Decca
2. The larger recognition paper labels via Decca from 1963
3. The vile IEP pressing paintied silver via Polygram 1980's but with its it's mono reference


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