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Record Details

Artist:Ned Miller
Label:  London
Catalogue:HL 9937
Date:11 Dec 1964
Chart Position:48
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Community:25 Own
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ANed MillerDo What You Do Do WellMillerFabor Robison8.0  Rate
BNed MillerDusty GuitarMillerFabor Robison7.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 54.
NME review Dec 11, 1964.


22nd Jan 2014

20th Jan 2014
 We're loose on You Tube videos as they don't need to be approved by a mod. If you find a direct recording from the original 45 great. Then it's a cut from a mono album. (It's acceptable to use the US original on a UK page) . What we get are CD versions as noted and sometimes TV clips where the artist mimes to the original track. Some contributors are adept at laying original versions over live concert footage.

It's appreciated if contributors indicate it's a stereo mix.

Re recordings or live versions should be linked externally to the You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wdDcxTxysUpage.

20th Jan 2014
 When adding videos it is not always easy to find an exact match to the single in question. It is also a matter of sound quality and listening pleasure. I prefer to have exact video if possible, but most of the clips derive from CD issues. Authentic version in good sound quality hard to find.
Also not sure if that's a requirement at 45cat?

19th Jan 2014
 This video doesn't sound like the original Fabor recording. Is that the recording that is on this UK London pressing? The video is a stereo recording.

31st May 2013

13th May 2013
 Oh, allright, I'll give it a play....for the first time in 20 years.

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