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Record Details

Artist:Fontane Sisters
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLD 8177
Date:15 Sep 1955
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Community:6 Own, 1 Wants
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AFontane SistersSeventeenYoung, Gorman, Bennet8.5  Rate
BFontane SistersIf I Could Be With YouCreamer, Johnson5.0  Rate


Melody Maker ad, 10 September 1955, pp. 8–9.


12th Mar 2016
 Good Girl Group Jiver version of Boyd Bennett, still like The Andrews Sisters really but nice
B side a pop ballad

My Friend Jack
7th Dec 2015
 Reached #18 on the Record Mirror chart.

David M. McKee
8th Jul 2011
 Following upon ‘Rock Love’ (HL8126) the Fontanes' next hit, ‘Seventeen’, which made No.3 in the US charts, was a bit unusual in that it was a cover of a recording made by a white group – Boyd Bennett & the Rockets.
Bennett, as co-writer of the number, was not too unhappy at the way things panned out. “The Fontane Sisters covered and copied me and they sold about 1,700,000.”
Boyd recalls how things were done in those days. “Randy Wood was a master of promotion. I was in Kansas City in a big record shop and this guy at the shop had about 5,000 of my record of ‘Seventeen’ on the floor and he received by special delivery 15,000 copies of the Fontanes with an invoice for 5,000. Now, if you think he’s going to carry on buying my records ... so that’s how promotion was done.”
‘Seventeen’ is a strong rendition of the song, while the flip is a strong contender, too.

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