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Artist:Pat Boone
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLD 8197
Date:Oct 1955
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Community:2 Own
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APat BooneNo Arms Can Ever Hold YouArt Crafer, Jimmie NebbRate
BPat BooneAt My Front DoorMoore, Abner5.0  Rate


2nd Sep 2012
 Thanks a lot for the info and the tip, David !

David M. McKee
1st Sep 2012
 Catagna, try this: -

Rees, Dafydd et al. 40 years of NME charts. London: Boxtree, 1995 ISBN 0-7522-0829-2

Published 1995 so should contain all the charts from some time in the fifties.

There's a copy on Amazon now for 3.37 GBP

David M. McKee
1st Sep 2012
 Americo, no Portuguese Pat Boone's here yet, so you must add the discs before putting up the images.

28th Sep 2011
 Yes, I had the NME's complete (they even came out in the big newsprint strike in late '59) from Jan 1954 to May 1963. I sold them to a buyer up in Leeds twenty or so years ago. I received £ 400 for them which came in very handy at the time, but I often have regrets.

27th Sep 2011
 Ah, now I'm with you doberman. Your listing tallies with the Billboard Nov. 5 '55 issue, the week before the 'Top 100' I mentioned was introduced. Your notebooks remind me how I used to religiously cut out the NME's Billboard Top 20 for many years, wondering at the unusual, unknown tracks that stole in for a week and vanished the next. But which then might be issued on London, never played except on Luxy and soon after became sought after. Wish I'd kept the NME's (intact). Maybe there are facsimiles somewhere? I've not searched yet.

27th Sep 2011
 I used to keep jottings on popular records from Jan '54 to May '64, I still have them in sixteen exercise books in the attic. I looked back to Nov. 1955 and found the Billboard Chart that I had copied down from the Mag. my mate brought back from the US. The Best Sellers in Stores for Nov. 5 1955 were---
1 Autumn Leaves- Roger Williams.
2 Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing- Four Aces.
3.Yellow Rose of Texas- Mitch Miller.
4,Moments To Remember- Four Lads.
5.Only You - Platters.
6 Shifting, Whispering Sands- Rusty Draper.
7 He- Al Hibbler.
8 Shifting Whispering Sands- Billy Vaughn.
9 Black Denim Trousers - Cheers.
10 Bible Tells Me So- Don Cornell.
11My Bonnie Lassie- Ames Brothers.
12I Hear You Knocking- Gale Storm.
13At My Front Door- Pat Boone.
14Suddenly Theres A Valley- Gogi Grant.
15Tina Marie- Perry omo.
16Forgive My Heart- Nat King Cole.
17Yellow Rose of Texas- Johnny Desmond.
18Aint That a Shame- Pat Boone.
19You Are My Love- Joni James.
20At My Front Door- El Dorados.

25th Sep 2011
 Memories like that doberman are fascinating. My curiosity couldn't resist checking Joel Whitburn's 1955-59 Billboard Chart replicas. Your mate must have brought back the October 22 '55 issue. 'The Best Sellers in Stores' as it was called then showed the El Dorados at #21 and Gale Storm four spots lower at #25. 'The Top 100' (as it was at first called) seems to have started for survey week ending November 2 '55.

25th Sep 2011
 Back in my RAF days I had a mate in the Merch. He'd bring a copy of Billboard back from the US now and again. I well remember a chart back in '56 with ' I Hear You Knocking', followed by 'At My Front Door' A useless piece of info. I know, but that's me.

David M. McKee
9th Jul 2011
 Pat’s third Dot record became his second release on London and sank without trace. Not surprisingly, as his first London hit ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ entered the British charts in November 1955 and stayed there until the New Year. And that is a shame, because ‘No Arms’ is a really top class performance from Pat.

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