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Record Details

Artist:George McCurn
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLH 9705
Date:Apr 1963
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AGeorge McCurnI'm Just A Country BoyBrooks, BarerRate
BGeorge McCurnMy Little Corner Of The WorldHilliard, PockrissRate


carey jeggs
17th Aug 2012
 And a lot like Johnny Hartmann.

mickey rat
17th Aug 2012
 This one was issued in Australia on Festival and was a minor hit here with quite a bit of airplay. His voice was a little like Brook Benton I thought, or Joe Henderson of "Snap Your Fingers".

16th Aug 2012
 Notice how, at this early point, A&M is shown on the label as "A. and M."

16th Aug 2012
 This is brilliant! I love both sides.

davie gordon
12th Jun 2011
 George McCurn was a former gospel singer - if I remember rightly he'd been
a member of the Soul Stirrers when they were recording for Andex which is probably how he got to know Herb Alpert who was producing for Keen / Andex
at the time.

carey jeggs
12th Jun 2011
 Although I never heard it on the radio this wasn't entirely ignored on its release in 1963.Don Nichol who reviewed singles in Disc used a five star rating system (poor to excellent) and a Don Nichol Tip (DNT) award for records he thought were better than excellent.These were usually records he liked rather than ones he thought would be hits.Country Boy was his special tip for that week.I liked the sound of it from his description although I differ with his comparison of McCurn with Jim Reeves.I think he was more like Johnny Hartmann.I would certainly rate it as one of the top five singles from the sixties.

22nd Apr 2011
 And nice to see A&M on London too.

David M. McKee
15th Apr 2011
 One of my all-time favourite London records.

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