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Artist:Booker T. And The M.G.'s
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLK 9595
Date:Sep 1962
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Community:31 Own, 2 Want
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ABooker T. And The M.G.'sGreen OnionsJones, Cropper, Jackson, Steinberg9.3  Rate
BBooker T. And The M.G.'sBehave YourselfJones, Cropper, Jackson, Steinberg8.0  Rate


25th Jul 2015
 Don't worry,pal. I once swapped Lewis Lymon and the Teenchords on Oriole for Chuck Berry's Schoolday on Columbia. (Not that the Chuck is bad by any means).

Michael Earith
25th Jul 2015
 My Copy Was Of The Yellow DEMONSTRATION Sample With The Big A But Unfortunately
Out Of Boredom While Being Young I Subjected A Big Red Marker Pen To The Label
And Scrawled All OVER It Both Sides And In Black Ink Drew AA On The B Side Because It
Stood For AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION Not Knowing It Would Be Worth A Fortune In Decades Time, I Also Punched The Juke Box Centre Out And Wrote My Name On It.

6th Nov 2014

Alan Phillips
12th Dec 2013

8th May 2013
 That's a hellava long time to make your mind up. 201765

8th May 2013
 It's from about this time that rock'n'rollers, unified for some years, began to split into two camps: those who dug r'n'b and soul; and those who preferred the Byrds etc. etc. I know where I stand!

7th Dec 2011
 Mark played several versions of Green Onions on his radio 2 show including the Live version from hit the road Stax, King Curtis 45-6496 and one from Kenny and the Wranglers which is not on you tube.

7th Dec 2011
 I regularly see Mark @ the Denham Car Boot off the M40/A40. and having got to know him and trade our likes and stuff I have no hesitation in stating that it would be the bulk standard Atlantic (stax) original

Either a USA Stax
or a UK-Decca London

I gave Mark a DES copy on MD and maybe he's letting his audience enjoy the excellent stereo mix that has been created, When the car boot returns in 2012 I will ask him when I see him as we rummage for our old R&B gems.

Sadly Stax still only had their 2 track tape machine when GO and The Markeys This Night were recored hence BOTH tracks commercially will always be in their mono form. Add to that the awful vault fire that Atlantic had, and loosing so many of their rare masters any chances of doing anything had gone up in smoke.

[Note: that the retro release of GO on the green and orange label by WEA K 10109
(after the Kinney one with the blue and orange label) the label states that it's stereo don't get excited, its very 100% mono]

Juke Jules
7th Dec 2011
 Can anyone tell me about the version of Green Onions that Mark Lamarr talked over in most the late 'God's Jukebox' shows on BBC Radio 2? It always sounded subtly different from the familiar old 1962 version, but maybe it was the original version..?

1st Nov 2011
 Tip: You can clarly see this a later pressing or re-press by looking and the flat one contour finish on the dinked central area. Original pressings had two steppped contours.

1st Nov 2011
 And so wonderfully only available in Mono ;)

1st Nov 2011
 These must be later pressings, mackemc57.

The prefix 45- was discontinued by Decca in early 1963 - the latest LONDON single (numerically) that I have with the 45- prefix is 45-HLU 9690.

The words "Recording First Published" were replaced by (P) at the end of 1964. The latest LONDON single that I have with R.F.P. is HLU 9936.

31st Oct 2011
 Have seen two alternative labels, my copy (no date or "45" prefix on cat-no) the other one had the same type of cat no and (P.)1962 as opposed to "recording first published 1962"

The "London_Atlantic" is the same style as the original


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