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Record Details

Artist:The Kendall Sisters
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLM 8622
Date:May 1958
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Kendall SistersYea, YeaBaker, Malecka7.0  Rate
BThe Kendall SistersWon't You Be My BabyTesta, KendallRate


vintage pete
4th Feb 2016
 They appear in the Sage Riders group with Harriet and Curly (no surname found) around 1945. The only picture I've seen of the four from this period shows them on horseback with cowboy hats . They appear to have dark maybe black hair but it is a black and white photo.Apparently they weren't allowed into the studio with the horses due to space limitations.Vintage Pete

9th Jan 2016

6th Sep 2015
 This comes up, very occasionally, on Ebay; but it's always too expensive for me!

David M. McKee
2nd Mar 2012
 Maxonian, I find a lot of details in the Obituary columns of US newspapers. If you know the rough location of where the artists lived it is sometimes quite easy to find stuff. I have asked the Pittsburg Gazette if they know of any pictures of the group circa 1958 or before. Got my fingers crossed.

2nd Mar 2012
 Thanks David (and Mickey). David, I don't know where you find those bio details - I see no sign of them. Any photos surviving to your knowledge?

David M. McKee
2nd Mar 2012
 The Kendall sisters started out singing country tunes at church socials, and ended up performing on weekly television, stage and radio shows including NBC's "National Barn Dance."
Polly Kendall (real name Paulina Kenda) was born in Morgantown, West.Virginia in 1925 to an immigrant Slovene coal mining family. Polly grew up in Wickhaven, Fayette County. She learned as a child to play guitar and buttonbox accordion and sing Eastern European folk harmonies. By the time they were 10, Polly and her sister Dolores -- known as "Dolly" -- were singing country and Gospel songs at school and church events.
The girls' climb to fame began in the mid-1930s, when they appeared with Curley Miller and the Sage Riders on the Saturday Jamboree radio show in Connellsville. The show moved to Pittsburgh, then Chicago, where they joined the National Barn Dance traveling circuit through the Midwest.
Throughout the 1940s and '50s the sisters recorded for Continental, Argo, RCA and Decca. In 1945, Dolly and Polly joined two groups headed by Cleveland impresario Ernie Benedict: the Range Riders and the Polkateers. Their recordings included "Over Three Hills," "Jolly Lumberjack Polka" and "Polka Dots and Polka Dreams." Many of the sisters' songs were based on the folk tunes their father taught them when they were children.
In 1947, they built Harmony Ranch, a country-themed 20-acre picnic grove and dance hall outside Cleveland. As live radio shows gave way to television, the Kendall Sisters made the transition -- they were part of the first broadcast from WEWS Cleveland. Their Kendall Sisters TV show debuted in 1952.
Polly married John Popovich in 1949 and had two daughters. She and her sister continued to cut demo records for songwriters and sing at nightclubs. They made their final appearance in Toronto in the early 1960s, singing a song called "I'm Available."
In 1993, Dolly and Polly and the Polkateers band were inducted to the National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame.
"Yea Yea," their final 1958 hit, is still on oldies playlists today.
Polly Kendall died of Parkinson's Disease on November 18, 2005.


mickey rat
2nd Mar 2012
 Ruppli's Chess discography doesn't give session details or exact recording dates but it does offer the following details:

8545 Don't Bother Me (Aug/Sep 1957) Argo 5278
8546 I'm available (Aug/Sep 1957) Argo 5278

8625 Make It Soon (Feb 1958) Checker 884
8626 Three Wishes (Feb 1958) Checker 884

8650 Yea, Yea (Feb 1958) Checker 889, Argo 5291
8651 Won't You Be My Baby (Feb 1958) Checker 889, Argo 5291
8652 Oh, Let Me Be (Feb 1958) unissued?
8653 Let's Wait Till Tomorrow (Feb 1958) Argo 5310

8807 Billy Billy Billy (May/Jun 1958) Argo 5310
8808 Love Will Come Back To Me (May/Jun 1958) unissued?

2nd Mar 2012
 Thanks David. I cannot find any kind of biography anywhere and certainly no photos, even in the Billboard archive. Do you know of any source for this (AND Dean Allen)?

David M. McKee
2nd Mar 2012
 This one comes from the US Argo label, but as the UK already had an Argo label, London had to use the pre-Chess label Aristocrat to denote the US source.
The Kendal Sisters turn in two tremendous rocking numbers – watch out for the false ending on side one. A superb London single.
The Kendal Sisters came from Cleveland, Ohio. Before ‘Yea, Yea’ they appeared on Argo 5278 in 1957 with ‘Don’t Bother Me’ / ‘I’m Available’.
A 1958 follow-up on Argo 5310 was ‘Let’s Wait Till Tomorrow’ / ‘Billy, Billy, Billy’.

1st Mar 2012
 Any further sources of info on the Kendall Sisters and a photo or two?

17th Jan 2012
 Yes it really is a great record.

David M. McKee
17th Jan 2012
 The Kendal Sisters turn in two tremendous rocking numbers – watch out for the false ending on side one. A superb London single.

13th Aug 2011
  I will be listing a record on your 'Wants List' Kuf-Linx UK London 7" So Tough / What'cha Gonna Do HLU 8583 soon on eBay UK

12th Aug 2011
 Dumb me. I forgot.

davie gordon
12th Aug 2011
 both the UK and US issues were listed the wrong way round - "Yea Yea" is the A-side. Their only chart record - # 73 on Billboard.

12th Aug 2011
 for Aristocrat comments see HLM 8625

12th Aug 2011
 "Yea Yea" sounded so familiar...it was Vince Eager who did it too...and The Mudlarks

12th Aug 2011
 Let's not start that again!!!!

12th Aug 2011
 I wonder why London says Aristocrat?

10th Aug 2011
 This is a nice record.

Tony P
19th Jul 2011

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