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Artist:Harvey And The Moonglows
Label:  London
Catalogue:45-HL-M 8730
Date:Oct 1958
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AHarvey And The MoonglowsTen Commandments Of LovePaul9.0  Rate
BHarvey And The MoonglowsMean Old BluesPaulRate


and the Moonglows


18th Apr 2013
 I remember being severely disappointed when I first snaffled a UK copy only to find the final part was missing. What was Decca thinking?!!

18th Apr 2013
 One of my precious gems. Mine has small print. I wish the LONDON/DECCA quality control at the time had not chopped off the beginning and the end. O.K. The record would have lasted for longer than three minutes, but what the hell....Still, be thankful for what we've got. An absolute, complete, total classic LONDON doowopper.

David M. McKee
30th Jul 2012
 On second thoughts it's commonly regarded to be Harvey and the Moonglows.

30th Jul 2012
 A label scan with triangle centre and different lettering added

David M. McKee
29th Mar 2011
 In line with the instructions regarding artists names, should this artist be renamed just Harvey?

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