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Record Details

Artist:Fats Domino
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLP 9133
Date:Jun 1960
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Community:21 Own, 1 Wants
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AFats DominoTell Me That You Love MeBartholomew9.0  Rate
BFats DominoBefore I Grow Too OldDomino, Bartholomew10.0  Rate


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mickey rat
10th Jan 2014
 Fats' original "lazy" version. Had to be heard on a 1950s jukebox with heaps of bass. You had to be there.


bill mann
26th Apr 2013
 'Grow too old' is one of my fave late Fats records. Dunno what it is about it, it's just a masterpiece. No more to be said really.

26th Apr 2013
 Absolutely wonderful in every way; Fats at his best.

mickey rat
25th Apr 2012
 "Before I Grow Too Old" was always one of my very favourite Fats Domino records. I guess I just like songs written by Bobby Charles (my favourite Etta James track is "The Jealous Kind" also written by Charles). Interesting tho that this U.K. issue shows Fats (the bigtime artist) and Dave Bartholomew (the wheeler-dealer arranger) have snaffled the song completely. The U.S. issue has Robert Guidry (aka Bobby Charles) as third writer and I guess it was registered that way with the Library Of Congress so Bobby would have got a third of the royalties from U.S. sales, but did he dip out completely outside America?

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