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Record Details

Artist:Joe Harnell And His Orchestra
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLR 9637
Date:Nov 1962
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Community:28 Own, 1 Wants
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AJoe Harnell And His OrchestraFly Me To The Moon – Bossa NovaHoward8.5  Rate
BJoe Harnell And His OrchestraHarlem NocturneHagen9.0  Rate


21st Aug 2013
 Added scans with tax code "P/T". This seems to have been quite a seller for a record that didn't chart on this side of the Atlantic.

26th Jun 2013
 Ha! I've added another label variation, are you ready? With 45, with M/T, without the S.

8th May 2013
 Fine, if you're a LONDON collector, but there's nothing else special about it.

21st Oct 2012
 Added further variant scans. They are the latest thus far, lacking the "45-" prefix as well as the typeface differences.

Pomegranate -- the Z/T tax code operated from April to November 1962 and signified purchase tax at 45%, while the M/T tax code ran from January to July 1963 when the tax dropped to 25%. There was a brief P/T period between the two. As for the S... this is a question which much vexes certain collectors including me...

David M. McKee
22nd Sep 2012
 No idea

22nd Sep 2012
 I've always been very fond of this relaxing hit version of "Fly Me ...", with its fine accompanying horn and string arrangement. Issued during the 'golden period' for instrumentals Joe enjoyed a #14 on Bilboard, commencing a 13-week run on 29th December '62.


22nd Sep 2012
 Added label variation: M/T as opposed to Z/T and an 'S' under the cat. no. I know the issue of purchase tax has been discussed quite a lot here, but can someone tell me, again, the difference between Z/T and M/T and what the 'S' signifies?

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