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Record Details

Artist:Jerry Lee Lewis
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLS 8457
Date:Jul 1957
Chart Position:8
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Community:41 Own
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AJerry Lee LewisWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnWilliams, David9.3  Rate
BJerry Lee LewisIt'll Be MeClement8.8  Rate


9th Feb 2016
 In the words of Jerry Lee as said in the final part (and the final words to be said) of the excellent 3-part BBC series "Rock 'N' Roll America" - "The glory days are over but the man is still here, and will continue to charge on, whole lotta shakin' goin' on!"

1st Sep 2015

bill mann
1st Sep 2015
 My barn !

1st Sep 2015
 Did you find it in a barn? If so, whose barn? :erk:

1st Sep 2015
 Picked this up (the tri-centre release) at the record fair this weekend just gone and I'm going to see the man himself this coming Sunday at the London Palladium!!

1st Sep 2015
 Still absolutely great after all these years; I play it all the time.

Mome Wrath
31st Aug 2015
 for you label minutae-first pressing types, the earliest tri press is with "VOCAL" in capitals on both sides. Later ones had the more usual "Vocal" & as shown here there are mule copies, some just the first batch.

David M. McKee
17th Feb 2015
 Jerry performing Shakin' - January 31, 2015


2nd Apr 2014
 The matrix number will give you no indication whatsoever about what the 'A' side might be

David M. McKee
29th Sep 2013
 Happy Birthday

David M. McKee
29th Sep 2013
 Photo added

bill mann
5th Feb 2013
 Also issued [same cat. no.] in late 60s with boxed London logo. A copy [poorly scanned] sold on ebay for about a fiver, anyone got a copy for a decent scan?

Tony P
9th Mar 2012
 Thanks Bill. I knew it is not an easy difference to describe.

I have checked my 78's and the latest black and gold London 78 I have is HL8132.

bill mann
9th Mar 2012
 Yes Tony P, I have 8886 on 78 by Ritchie Valens, 'Bluebirds over the Mountains', the label on this one is the same colours as the 45s ie definite silver and jet black. whereas the normal silver top 78 label is a sort of very very dark brown with a different shade of silver, almost shades of sepia, if you get my drift. The other difference is the old label is shiny, Ritchie's is matt like the 45s

Tony P
9th Mar 2012
 I will check the number of the latest black and gold London 78 that I have.
I used to have a couple of the very last of the London 78's including Keeley Smith (8984). I remember that the label for these was very slightly different. Does anyone else remember this difference?

9th Mar 2012
 Early HL 8000 series 78's continued with the same black labels as the L500's and eventually changed to silver tops.
The silver tops then started as "London-American" rather than just London.
The design of the 45 label followed a similar pattern but the changes happened much later

8th Mar 2012
 John Lee Hooker's Too Much Boogie is all black. 78 only of course.

David M. McKee
8th Mar 2012
 All the London 78s I've seen have been siver tops

8th Mar 2012
 No, the 78 by the HL 84xx stage would always be silver top. I have elarier 78s bought new at the time with silver top. Only the very early HL80xx seem to be all black.

8th Mar 2012
 I may get banished for mentioning this but I've just bought the 78 of this single (fabulous sound quality) and my question is, with a black and silver label quite like (but not the same as) the round centre 45 label pictured above, would my 78 be a later issue, and would there have been an earlier 78 release with a black label (like the tri centre version)? Perhaps one of our London label experts (Mr McKee?) might be able to assist?

14th Oct 2010
 One of the great releases - the B side matching the A for quality.

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