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Artist:Jerry Lee Lewis
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLS 9867
Date:Mar 1964
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Community:19 Own
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AJerry Lee LewisLewis BoogieLewis8.5  Rate
BJerry Lee LewisBonnie BUnderwood7.0  Rate


NME review Mar 27, 1964.


bill mann
17th Dec 2015
 A pal of mine has a copy with the cat no. on two lines, Letters above the numbers.

ready teddy 1956
12th May 2013
 Yeah Jerry Lee did a great version of Lewis Boogie on one of the GREATEST rock n roll albums, live At The Star Club Hamburg.

12th May 2013
 I wish this had come out in 1957. The joint would really have been rockin' then.

David M. McKee
18th Sep 2011
 Jerry was recording for Smash (Mercury or Philips in the UK) by the time this disc came out. ‘Lewis Boogie’ had been recorded way back in the Summer of 1957, and was released in America as the B-side of the ill-advised ‘Return Of Jerry Lee’ single (not issued in Britain). Jerry had practised the song before this cut was made, and it shows he had done his homework. The song drips with egotism, which is what he is all about. It’s Jerry’s record from the first bar and the energy level never lets up.
‘Bonnie B’ comes from a session on January 25, 1960, and is one of Jerry’s best teen slanted songs. Composer Charles Underwood (husband of Bonnie B. Underwood) provides outwardly a lyrical teenage love song, full of praise for Bonnie’s turned-up nose.
But the lyrics say “We’re too young, we’ve got a long time to wait / But Bonnie baby that don’t mean hesitate / ’bout lovin’ me.”
Sounds about right for Jerry, but pretty risqué for the time. The song has a lovely rolling tempo, and if there were any justice it would have been a big hit when issued in the US in November 1961, as the flip-side to ‘Money’ (not issued in Britain).
Jerry Lee was with a new label, but would not hit the big time again for another five years, chart-wise. But his live performances were as wild as ever, and he was welcome once again all over the world, especially in England, where his career had all but disintegrated six years earlier. His new record label was patiently trying to find a niche for him – his first single for Smash was a re-make of Ray Charles’ ‘Hit The Road Jack’ and they followed that with an out-and-out rocker, ‘I’m On Fire’.
Sun had only issued two albums in the seven years of Jerry’s contract, but now Smash had two out – ‘The Golden Hits Of Jerry Lee Lewis’, a re-recording of his old Sun hits, and ‘The Greatest Live Show On Earth’, a recording of a concert in Birmingham, Alabama, which certainly lived up to the title - and their European outlet, Philips, produced ‘Live At The Star Club’, a recording of a live show in Hamburg, Germany. Jerry Lee fans were ecstatic.

bill mann
17th Sep 2011
 Another one of those great London double siders, would have been massive if released in '58 instead of 6 years later.

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