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Record Details

Artist:Roy Orbison
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 10339
Date:20 Aug 1971
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Community:7 Own, 3 Want
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ARoy Orbison(Love Me Like You Did It) Last NightOrbison, MelsonRoy OrbisonBergen WhiteRate
BRoy OrbisonClose AgainOrbison, MelsonRoy OrbisonJim HallRate


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19th May 2014
 Sorry late response, LaurenceD. The back of sleeve is totally blank, so not easy to identify this single. I will add the label scans to the new "Dutch" location, until we find out where it belongs.
Here is another Scandinavian picture sleeve (not stating which country though), but definitely not the one in question.

Dr Doom
5th Feb 2013
 I've moved the sleeve over to here for now until we find out which country it's from.

Looks Scandinavian to me.

David M. McKee
1st Feb 2013
 This sleeve is definitely not UK.

14th Jun 2012
 Not sure, but all of the London singles that I've seen with the "HL 10" prefix are from the Netherlands. Is there a scan for the back of the sleeve as well?

14th Jun 2012
 Added a rare picture sleeve (not sure if UK, as it has no identifier, but labels clearly UK). I also submit A side scan (cleaner than the other). Hope someone can solve this sleeve mystery, because I couldn't find it anywhere on the net!

14th May 2011
 as a mere young person (mid 40's) I find LATER, terribly boring and middle of the road, definately Radio 2 on the tv.

If you want something modern with a retro 60's girl group try http://www.45cat.com/record/fpop93slr118
or the final album by The Loves fortuna pop label

there are plenty of interesting things out at the moment that will never make it past BBC radio6.

David M. McKee
14th May 2011
 No, but I saw Jools Hollands' "Later" last night and I thought 'What the ****'s happened to music?' these days.

Billy Two
13th May 2011
 "What a dreadful row the A side is. This must rank as Roy Orbison's worst record ever".
That's one of those "Positive Negative" reviews, which has made me REALLY interested in hearing it !!

13th May 2011
 I was delighted to once learn that his Fan Club rate 'Crawling Back' as their favourite, as it's one of mine.

David M. McKee
13th May 2011
 What a dreadful row the A side is. This must rank as Roy Orbison's worst record ever.

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