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Record Details

Artist:Fats Domino
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 8173
Date:Sep 1955
Chart Position:23
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Community:11 Own, 5 Want
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AFats DominoAin't That A ShameDomino, Bartholomew7.0  Rate
BFats DominoLa LaDomino, Bartholomew4.5  Rate


David M. McKee
2nd Apr 2015
 I wonder, has anyone actually heard Fats sing 'Ain't It A Shame'?

2nd Apr 2015

So why did 'Ain't it a shame' in the USA become 'Ain't that a shame' in the UK a few months later? I can see that Pat Boone allegedly wanted to make it 'Isn't it a shame', bless 'im, but can't see a ready explanation to the changing of it.

4th Sep 2014
 pity the sound quality is so low cut & dull, London are much better usually

12th Oct 2012
 Thanks David, it is often interesting to hear stories like that. Cannot imagine modern day hits staying around for such a long time.

David M. McKee
7th Oct 2012
 ‘Blueberry Hill’, Fats’ sixteenth million-seller, was his biggest hit and rose to No.2 in America and No.6 in the UK in December 1956. So great was its impact in Britain that Fats’ 1955 hit ‘Ain’t That A Shame’ rose to No.23 in January 1957 over a year after it’s release. Back in those days records remained in the catalogue for a long time, so it was not a re-release.

7th Oct 2012
 Was this record re-released in 1957 because HLU 8173 charted in the British charts in 1957?

11th Jan 2011
 First record I ever bought with saved up pocket money. Mine's a 78 though. 6/71/2d! Should have ordered the 45 but they were hard to get in 1956 in the provinces.

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