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Record Details

Artist:Fats Domino
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 8280
Date:May 1956
Chart Position:12
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Community:21 Own, 1 Wants
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4th Sep 2014
 Gold does exist, seen it on Popsike

16th Jul 2012
 No gold label, but a sans serif font pressing. This seems typical of many Fats Domino records, (perhaps others, I haven't checked!). Why is this, and is one more original than the other?

16th Jul 2012
 I don't know why it's so rare! I can only assume the common silver press is the first copy (the text looks right for a silver 1956 pressing) and the gold press was issued about a year later hence it's rarity.

15th Jul 2012
 There's a scan of one, albeit the fuzziest one in the world ever, here.

15th Jul 2012
 Does anybody actually own this with gold lettering. It definitely exists as there's one on popsike but i've never even seen one, let alone track one down.

28th Feb 2010
 Fats Domino's first UK chart entry.
Released in the USA on Imperial 5386 it reached No. 5 on the US Hot 100 chart. The flip charted in the US in its own right reaching No. 21.

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