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Artist:Fats Domino
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 8309
Date:Aug 1956
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Community:12 Own, 1 Wants
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18th Jul 2012

18th Jul 2012
 I know that it's Herb Hardesty, mickey rat. There's a YouTube clip (which isn't lip-synched) of Fats singing this with a couple of Herb Hardesty breaks which sound very like those on the record. Lee Allen, I agree, defines the tenor sax sound of the 50s, but Herb Hardesty was a better player (technically) and this is apparent on Dreamboat, if you compare in with -say - Lee Allen's Creole Alley (on Top Rank).

mickey rat
13th Jul 2012
 Almost certainly Lee Allen, altho Herb Hardesty was also on the session so could be him. I have to say that even as a really old bloke I still say Lee Allen defined the '50s rock & roll sax solo and I can still get really excited listening those old Little Richard records...

The Toad
25th Oct 2010
 The 'A' side is mid-tempo with a repeated saxophone riff and a long sax solo, while the 'B' side has the more familiar (to a non-expert such as myself) relaxed 'Blueberry Hill' sound.

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