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Artist:Chuck Berry
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 8428
Date:May 1957
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Community:10 Own, 2 Want
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AChuck BerryRoll Over BeethovenBerry9.3  Rate
BChuck BerryDrifting HeartBerry6.0  Rate


David M. McKee
18th Feb 2012
 Round-centre silver-tops appear to have been introduced in August 1959 with HLA8926, although re-pressings of earlier discs were round centres.
HLM 8921 'Back In The USA' was issued as a tri-centre silver-top. My copy of HLU 8275 'Down Bound Train' is a later all-black round-centre.

18th Feb 2012
 The round-centre silver-top scans must date from 1961 at the earliest, since they have "The Decca Record Co Ltd" under "Made in England". I wonder if the Beatles' cover of this spurred London to push this as the original?

bill mann
25th Nov 2010
 Were any other Chuck Berry Londons issued on round centre Silver top labels as well as all black tri centre, as 'Roll over Beethoven' was. My Beethoven is silver top as illustrated, all the others are all black tri-centre, with the exception of 'Memphis, Tennessee', 'Let it rock' & Bye bye Johnny.

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