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Record Details

Artist:Barrett Strong
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 9088
Date:Apr 1960
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:16 Own, 4 Want
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ABarrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)Bradford, Gordy9.5  Rate
BBarrett StrongOh I ApologizeRobinson, GordyRate


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David M. McKee
21st Sep 2013
 Thanks Dr D

Dr Doom
21st Sep 2013
 I've moved the other 4 images to hidden as we have scans of an 'intact' copy now.

: )

Charlie Chalk
21st Sep 2013
 Why? The record wasn't made/sold with spiders.

carey jeggs
2nd Sep 2013
 Or,to paraphrase Robert Evans,the spider stays in the picture.

David M. McKee
2nd Sep 2013
 KeithS - you're right (14th July 2012) - someone has photo-shopped my images. I'm going to put my images up again and mods can remove the offending images.

1st Sep 2013
 Fascinating stuff, Theboyfromxtown.

That's what I love about this wonderful site, just when you think you know all there is to know about a track, someone comes up with more snippets of information.

1st Sep 2013

....excellent dissertation, more of the same please.....
....pray tell, where are you at, geezer, or are you another bleedin' secret squirrel?

1st Sep 2013
 The long and complicated tale of “Money” begins, in Mr. Strong’s telling, with a simple but mesmerizing piano riff that came to him more than half a century ago as he was working as a session musician in a recording studio here. He was 18, a Mississippi native who had grown up in Detroit dreaming of a music career and had just been signed to a contract with Mr. Gordy, who was both his label president and his personal manager — an arrangement unthinkable today because of its inherent conflict of interest, but not unheard-of at the time.

“We were doing another session, and I just happened to be sitting there playing the piano,” he recalled. “I was playing ‘What’d I Say,’ by Ray Charles, and the groove spun off of that.”

As Mr. Strong was polishing the riff, the recording engineer, Robert Bateman, recalls becoming increasingly animated. “And when I get excited, the very first thing I do is call Berry,” Mr. Bateman said at an event at the Hard Rock Cafe in 2010. “ ‘Whoa, Berry, you’ve got to hear this, you’ve got to hear this, you’ve got to hear this.’ ”

“Anyway,” Mr. Bateman added, “it all emanated from Barrett Strong.”

The guitarist on the “Money” sessions was Eugene Grew, who recalls taking musical direction from Mr. Strong. “We sat there, practicing, and Barrett said, ‘Do this,’ and, ‘Do that,’ ” Mr. Grew said in an interview here. “It’s a real simple figure, over and over. Barrett showed me what to play and then Berry came by.”

Once the instrumental track was recorded, Mr. Strong said, Janie Bradford, who had written songs with Mr. Gordy for Jackie Wilson, helped on the lyrics. But Mr. Strong said he also contributed words.


14th Jul 2012
 I think that centre-less pic has been Photo shopped to make it look neater

14th Jul 2012
 I've added scans of record with intact centre.

2nd Sep 2011
 Mine was 2/6 in a Stockport market. Wonderful.

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