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Artist:The String-A-Longs
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 9278
Date:Feb 1961
Chart Position:8
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:78 Own
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AThe String-A-LongsWheelsPetty7.3  Rate
BThe String-A-LongsAm I Asking Too MuchMcCormick, Thames6.3  Rate


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21st Mar 2016
 Label Variation Added

1st Apr 2015
 Finally found a copy of this after years searching for it!

24th Feb 2014
 finally re-found my copy in lovely later spiral sleeve.

bill mann
1st May 2013
 As others have posted previously, this always reminds me of 'the muscleman' on the tele from back when ! Not my cuppa tea.

My Friend Jack
1st May 2013
 Sort of forgettable.

Not for me. This was part of the BBC Light Programme's staple daytime diet in the early 60s. Whenever I hear it, I'm taken back to the time just before I started school.

1st May 2013
 Sort of forgettable.

3rd Dec 2012
 Why for Wheels has the German release got different composer credits ?
Why has the Danish picture sleeve got a ? in the B Side title , (not on the disc )

3rd Dec 2012
 Yes - "Am I Asking Too Much" is a semi-decent vocal, which actually sounds like a young Cliff Richard!

2nd Jun 2012
 The Joe Loss version was the one used by the muscle man on "Opportunity Knocks".
I prefer the version by The Ventures as it sounds more gritty and more danceable too.

11th May 2012
 Everybody plays Wheels .



11th May 2012

I always thought the vocal was more Cliff Richard in style.

M603 Warwick on USA Listing member informs us Vocal by Mickey Boyd.

http://www.rockabilly.nl says Keith McCormack.

9th Apr 2012

17th Jun 2011
 That would have been one of my early ones as it being a Norman Petty tune and production even one member of the group was a Buddy lookalike.

17th Jun 2011

Here's a Buddy related item, you may wish to accumulate, if you haven't already. See my comment 25th Feb 2011.

Oakley Boys
25th Feb 2011
 I love these little snippets about incorrect spellings etc. I've passed on loads of copies of this 'cos I thought I had it but now I have to check which one I've got!

25th Feb 2011
 Thanks KeithS for the link. Great info. There's always more to these little pieces of 7" vinyl if one digs deep enough.

25th Feb 2011
 I remember something about the String.a.longs were a group called the Leen-Teens or something. I'm off to check

Heres something from Ace Records CD Compilation


25th Feb 2011
 Purchased this yesterday for 99p as a nice little London American collection filler. Initially I thought this must be a version of Joe Loss - Wheels Cha Cha, but was surprised to learn from David McKees's book that this got to No. 8 in the UK (Only remember this as being used as background music for a guy flexing his muscles on the telly!). David also mentions this was recorded for Norman Petty and for which he takes the composing credit on the label although written by two guys in the group and of course a Buddy Holly sounding vocal on the instrumental! B side. I would appear to have the copy with the correct spelling and punctuation. Will now have this filed in my mind as a Buddy Holly related item. All in all a very interesting 99p worth.

22nd Aug 2010
 Having corrected the spelling they then decide to correct the punctuation - quite right too!

31st Dec 2009
 I am reliably informed by Ashteadman that "Am I asking too much" is actually a vocal.

30th Dec 2009
 Looks like when they detected the misspelling of 'to', they just added an extra 'o' but didn't re-centre the whole line of type.

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