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Artist:The Ronettes
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLU 9793
Date:Oct 1963
Chart Position:4
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Community:93 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe RonettesBe My BabySpector, Greenwich, Barry9.9  Rate
BThe RonettesTedesco And PitmanSpector3.0  Rate


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12th Jun 2016
 Michael does have a point, as other than his reference to Tedesco, Pitman is the name of the course taken by mostly young women to become shorthand typists, with all those squiggly lines.

I wonder if there was a member of the wrecking crew named Pitman, or was it that later to be proved a nut job Spector just being ironic.....

A-HA......found it Bill Pitman was an electric bassist and guitarist in The Wrecking Crew, and he was born in 1920, so he's actually 96 years old......way to go Bill.

Picture(s) of Bill(y)

with acknowledgements to Wikipedia, above and below.

Quote: "......Indeed, when Spector produced the enormously popular record "Be My Baby" in 1963, he named the jam session on the flip side "Tedesco and Pitman," after two of his favorite guitar players: Tommy Tedesco and Bill Pitman......."

13th Apr 2016
 Actually, I believe they're referring to session guitarist Tommy Tedesco.

Michael Earith
13th Apr 2016
 TEDESCO Is Also What Italians Call The German Language

6th Apr 2016
 My oversight.

6th Apr 2016
 help us if the only thing this record is remembered for is an appearance in an 80's movie. Myself, I like to think of it as the record that almost made Brian Wilson crash his car when he first heard and spurred him to keep pressing on.

6th Apr 2016
 It's track A2 on that link RD!

6th Apr 2016
 A-side may have been featured in the movie, but was not included on the soundtrack album.

Michael Earith
6th Apr 2016
 Perhaps Best Known Today As Being Featured In The 1987 Film"DIRTY DANCING" With A
Slight MOTOWN Touch.

2nd Feb 2015

12th May 2013

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