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Artist:The Goodlettsville Five
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLW 9854
Date:Feb 1964
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Community:5 Own
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AThe Goodlettsville FiveEef (Theme From AR-TV's 'Comedy Hour')KennedyRate
BThe Goodlettsville FiveBailey's Gone EefinKennedyRate


David M. McKee
8th Nov 2012
 Thanks for that Auto Da Fe, and I completely agree with slotman's sentiments re this site.

8th Nov 2012
 Thanks again Dave. And thanks Auto_Da_Fe for the link to the blog page.

I'm amazed!. I never knew this genre of music (?) existed outside of Joe Perkins' single. Having listened to Jimmie Riddle's (??) Yakety Eeph, I'm not surprised it didn't sell.

45cat is truly amazing. I learn something new nearly everytime I log in to the site.


8th Nov 2012
 Justin Bieber should easily fall into this category. He makes me want to eef!

8th Nov 2012
 This blog page is highly recommended for anybody with an interest in the art of eefing!

David M. McKee
8th Nov 2012
 I guess that eefin' was just popular with the American public at the time and Joe Perkins jumped on the band wagon.

8th Nov 2012
 Eefin' hell!

8th Nov 2012
 Thanks Dave. I know that "Eef" was the theme from A.R. T.V.'s 'Comedy Hour', but wondered what the connection with "Little Eeefin Annie" was.

David M. McKee
8th Nov 2012
 See below.

8th Nov 2012
 There is an obvious connection between this record and Joe Perkins' "Little Eeefin Annie" on HLU 9794 but what what this 'eefin'? Was it based around a U.S. television programme of the day - perhaps one of A.R. T.V.'s Comedy Hour shows?

Does anyone know?

9th Jun 2012



davie gordon
31st Dec 2011
 David McKee wrote "Eef' was the theme from the AR-TV ‘Comedy Hour’ show. Nothing is known of the Goodlettsville Five.
Goodlettsville is a city in Davidson and Sumner counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee.
The Goodlettsville Five sides were both written by 'Kennedy'. Could this be the Jerry Kennedy (top producer for Mercury and boss of Smash Records for 16 years) of the Ardells record?"

Yes, it's Jerry Kennedy - this is confirmed by the US issue on Guyden which credits
"Jerry Kennedy" as the writer, production is credited to Jam Productions.
When Jerry was working as Mercury/Smash's A&R chief in Nashville he was living in
Goodlettsville. The "group" are almost certainly Nashville session men led by Jerry.

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