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Artist:Del Shannon
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLX 9317
Date:Mar 1961
Chart Position:1
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Community:110 Own, 4 Want
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ADel ShannonRunawayShannon, Crook9.8  Rate
BDel ShannonJodyShannon, Crook9.5  Rate


Promo copies play The Snake on the B side


29th Apr 2016
[Second thoughts: the Aussie stickers could indeed be different. I just checked a few Aussie records at random and the Copyright Act dates appear to be different from the UK sticker altho layout and other wording is the same...]
The Copyright Act 1956 referred to in the sticker above was for the UK only. Australia had of course gained legislative independence with the Statute of Westminster in 1931, and therefore continued to apply the old repealed UK Copyright Act of 1911 until a new one was passed in 1968.

The Copyright Act 1956 is also what introduced the "Recording first published 19xx" language (later superseded by "℗ 19xx") on UK labels. All records recorded (not released) after 1 June 1957 had to show the initial release date of the material on the record or lose the copyright.

6th Mar 2016
 Yes, all very interesting about the stickers, but what the contributors ignore is that Jody is Del's finest. It's typical Del, full of loss, anguish, regret,yearning - and of course his girlfriend is 14!

mickey rat
6th Mar 2016
 And yet this exact same sticker appears on countless (mostly EMI who handled London in Oz) Aussie radio station copies of records in the late '50s and early '60s, always pressed with the record and leaving an indent in the label if removed. Perhaps the stickers were printed in the UK and someone at Oz EMI ordered a very large batch.

[Second thoughts: the Aussie stickers could indeed be different. I just checked a few Aussie records at random and the Copyright Act dates appear to be different from the UK sticker altho layout and other wording is the same...]

6th Mar 2016
 The UK Sample Copy sticker is not much seen if I had a batch of London LPs with these on. Just a gummed sticker. Likely similar to EMI's Factory Sample if Decca probably destroyed theirs so are rarely seen. Had genuine UK Decca pressings from 1958-65 with this sticker, always Mint unplayed ones too. Not an Aussie sticker at all.

mickey rat
6th Mar 2016
 I have a very specific memory of this record: I heard it on Radio Lux and thought it was good, but not really my thing. That very week I found a stock copy at a local record shop in a box of deletions for 2/6 (two shillings and sixpence). I bought it and it sat in my collection for several years before I got rid of it. I really can't remember the flip side (if I ever played it) but I'm wondering if Decca replaced all the mispressings almost immediately and that's why my copy was out cheap.

Also there's a scan on this page with what I know as an Aussie promo sticker. What gives? I had a UK Maxine Brown London single with the same sticker. See here.

5th Mar 2016
 That's the Danish sleeve. See linked releases.

5th Mar 2016
 Is this "The Snake" that plays on some copies of this 45?

5th Mar 2016
 The E Bay ad is showing a UK London 45 with the Danish Sleeve. 45-HL 9317

5th Mar 2016
 That sleeve is missing the -X licensing code from the cat#, though. However, that could have been standard practice. A picture sleeve for a UK single-play disc would have been very unusual for that time, it seems to me.

Tony P
5th Mar 2016
 There is a copy on US ebay with a cover.

5th Dec 2015
 What better single to reach 10.000 scans than my all time favourite Runaway.While the A side has the correct tax code E / T the B side has O / T on this variant.

Mome Wrath
7th Sep 2015
 the earliest black stock copies have "The Snake" on the B side, look for ones without T2 matrix. had 3 of them now.

on ebay for small change I saw one with the square Sample Sticker so it must be the Snake one & it was, unplayed copy!

getting a mint copy of this the intro is pure & clean not raspy from hundreds of Dansette plays

5th Sep 2014
 Certainly the stock copy I bought new in 1961 had Maximillian on the "B" side. Ten years later I (regrettably) sent it to Coventry - well, Poland actually - and it is now probably gathering dust in some Polish Radio Station's long neglected basement archive. Now I just have to be content with Jody....

5th Sep 2014
 all Demos have The Snake B side. Very few issues too, easy to tell as "Jody" has T2 matrix

17th Apr 2014
 Added another variant. Similiar to 130778/79 but with the matrix no. being in brackets.

17th Aug 2013
 .....someone's got a sense of humour at the BBC, see link, for full playlist, 10th August 2013.
I always listen to Sounds of the '60s up to a week after it is broadcast, and often record it onto CD-r Audio for my own private use, and was pleased to see this Del Shannon 45 was on the playlist, followed by The Action - I'll Keep Holding On, Ray Charles - Just A Little Lovin', from a 1962 EP, followed by huh, what the......, KC & The Sunshine Band, from 1975........

21st Mar 2013
 Nice one Keith i never thought of that i am just delighted to be able to add it to my UK collection as it has been a long time since i got something to get excited about. Has anybody out there got a Promo copy of Kelly on United Artists UP 35535 the live version from 1973.

21st Mar 2013
 Could be from 1973 when the "American Grafitti" Soundtrack album was selling so well with this tune on it plus Del was touring in England that year

21st Mar 2013
 This little gem just dropped in my letterbox this morning.I never knew that this existed with a London Boxed Logo which i assume dates it 67/68 ? that makes it now 3 Del Boxed singles. Runaway / So Long Baby / Two Kinds Of Teardrops. Oh i still need a copy of So Long Baby.

19th Jul 2012
 Re Bigtom's solid centre copy...

Because of the runaway success (sorry) of this release, it is possible that DECCA farmed out production to meet demand?

I have one solid-centre LONDON single - The Chordettes on HLA 9400 - and the record looks and feels different from any other LONDON single I have. The vinyl is thicker and whereas other LONDON singles have a diameter of just over a tenth of an inch less than 7", the solid centre one has a diameter of a fraction over 7". In fact, it won't fit in some original LONDON sleeves that I have.

10th Jun 2012

26th Aug 2011
 I saw that copy on ebay.Another way of getting the track is the French EP Runaway on London RE 10.095.A Promo copy of The Snake sold for £79 recently so you got the track quite cheap.Watch for stock copies of Runaway with the matrix # 45- MSCE 5097 - IC.Thats the mispress you are looking for. All the Promo copies of Runaway play The Snake.They were recorded at the same session.

26th Aug 2011
 some uk stock copies were also mispressed with The Snake, I had been looking for one for years, but ironically got this from ebay this week - http://www.45cat.com/record/95421
which is the Belgium issue from 61, which also plays the snake instead of Jody.

David M. McKee
19th Mar 2011
 I have heard of solid centre Londons, and I've got HLU8327 - Slim Whitman's 'Dear Mary' (first released in 1956) with a solid centre. I've no idea if they were deliberate issues or just a mistake at the pressing plant.

With regard to HLX9710 with the boxed London logo, this must have been a re-issue from some time after May, 1967 when this format was introduced.

Del re-recorded 'Runaway' in 1967 as 'Runaway '67', so maybe London re-issued 'Teardrops' for some reason?

18th Feb 2011
 David M Mc Kee can you throw any light on the copy of Runaway with a solid center and also the later pressing of Two Kinds Of Teardrops with the Bigtop logo and help much appreciated.

8th Feb 2011
 Today being the 21 st Anniversary of the tragic death of Del Shannon i have kept this London 45 till then.This is an unique Solid Center copy of Runaway from 61. I bought this at a record fair in the UK in the late 80s along with another solid center Del 45.Can any of our London experts shed any light on this.Dels career went from Runaway to Walk Away the last single he promoted on his last tour.

21st Jan 2011
 Hard to believe that it is 50 years ago today that Del went into Bell Sound Studios in New York City and recorded my favourite song of all time .Musicians were Al Caiola Lead Guitar, Milt Hinton Bass Guitar,Joe Marshall Drums and Max Crook Musitron and Bill Ramal Saxaphone.As with almost all his BigTop recordings Producer was Harry Balk and Arranger was Bill Ramal and the Engineer was Bill McMeekin.

15th Oct 2010
 Promo copy now uploaded. All Promo copies played Maximillians The Snake on the b side and not Jody .The Snake was a favourite with Northern Soul collectors. Maximillian was of course Del Shannons keyboard player and co writer of Runaway Max Crook.

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