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Artist:The Mercy
Label:  London
Catalogue:HLZ 10273
Date:23 May 1969
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AThe MercyLove (Can Make You Happy)J. Sigler Jnr.8.0  Rate
BThe MercyFire BallCaudill9.0  Rate


Record Mirror review May 31, 1969.
Release date from Record Mirror May 17, 1969


12th Feb 2014

davie gordon
15th May 2011
 The version of "Love .." on Warner Bros. is a re-recording as Sundi held on to
the rights to the original version when the group left the label to sign with WB.

15th May 2011
 The "Love can make you happy" on Warner Bros. seems to be a re-recording with "Happy as can be LaLaLa" on the flip, intended to be an export issue.

David M. McKee
11th May 2011
 The Mercy released the Sundi disc through Jamie Records in April 1969 and the tune made No.2 on the US chart, selling a million. The group later signed with Warner Brothers, and recorded an album which produced another hit, ‘Forever’, followed up by another Jack Sigler original, ‘Hello Baby’.

Col Wolfe
18th Jul 2009
 Interesting. Never seen a Warner Bros issue.

Dr Doom
5th Feb 2009
 Fire Ball is a cookin' Surfadelic instrumental. Alas I've only got a cheapo American copy.

I did pick up a UK demo of this Warner Brothers issue of the single only to find that It was a mispressing and had some terrible ballad on it instead. Luckily the shop gave me my money back, though it would have been handy for this website of course!

Perhaps this mispressing is a clue to why this single appears to be issued on London AND Warner Bros at exactly the same time?!

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