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Artist:Eddie And The Hot Rods
Label:  Island
Catalogue:IEP 2
Date:30 Jul 1976
Title:Live At The Marquee
Chart Position:43
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Community:99 Own, 1 Wants
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A1Eddie And The Hot Rods96 TearsR. MartinezEd Hollis9.0  Rate
A2Eddie And The Hot RodsGet Out Of DenverBob SegerEd Hollis9.2  Rate
B1Eddie And The Hot RodsMedley: Gloria and (I Can't Get No) SatisfactionVan Morrison; Jagger, RichardEd Hollis8.6  Rate


1976/07/30 Release date from 45 Revolutions 1976-1979 by Mario Panciera
1976/08/20 Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 637.


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Comments and Reviews
3rd Nov 2017

8th Apr 2013
 Thanks Kokodog . . . Now I won't have to waste any more energy trying to chase down a German copy.

12th Mar 2013
 I'm not aware of a proper German edition, although a UK 'export edition' exists with a sticker giving the German cat.no (17 340 AT) placed over the IEP 2 on the back sleeve.

16th Feb 2013
 Label uploaded Nick. Not a lot of difference but at least it doesn't have a sticker on the label like the stock copy already here.

14th Feb 2013
 Stick it up, it can't hurt. This page will never compete with T Rex entries . . . which have more varieties than Heinz . . .

Has anyone here had sight of the German release of this EP?

13th Feb 2013
 Just the labels are duplicated, the other side still plays Gloria/Satisfaction (matrix as your earlier comment). Also the placement of the text on the label seems to be higher up against the background than on the one shown on this page. For example 'Get Out Of Denver' is more in the orange than the blue. Don't know if that's different enough to merit uploading?

13th Feb 2013
 Great review, not least for its display of casual sexism so redolent of the era . . . I think those "big titties" existed only in Carr's fantasy world. I don't recall hordes of buxom maidens in The Marquee over that long hot summer.

Are just the a-side labels duplicated or do both sides play the same tracks? Either way, I've never seen one.

12th Feb 2013
 Added review of the Marquee gig from the NME 17th July 1976. Does anyone else have a stock copy with 96 Tears/Get Out Of Denver labels on both sides?

24th Jan 2013
 Thanks for confirmation, Nick. Didn't take a genius (which I certainly aren't) to work out though! : )

24th Jan 2013
 Matrix on my stock copy a-side is IEP 2 A-2U, b-side IEP 2 B-2U and same on edited DJ version. On the unedited DJ version it is IEP 2 A-1U, b-side IEP 2 B-1U, and, of course, there is less runout groove on the b-side.

Incidentally, I was at the Marquee the night this was recorded; a life changer (as they say)

20th Jan 2013
 I assume that those copies have an '-A1' matrix on either side, Nick? My stock copy - which obviously has the edits mentioned by both Kokodog and yourself - has '-A2' matrices.

18th Jan 2013
 There are two versions of the DJ release, the first has the longer b-side running at 6.50, the second is the same as stock copies and runs at 5.25. The long version is distinguished not only by the run time but also by omitting "Recorded 'Live' at the Marquee on 9th July 1976" from the label. The shorter version loses not only Masters asking the crowd if they're ready to rock but also a good minute of vamping from the middle of Satisfaction. Definitely a case of less is more.

3rd Jun 2012
 runout groove on side 1 "Jonz" - plain black paper sleeve with centre hole cutout

9th Nov 2011
 DJ copy moved to WIP 6333

8th Nov 2011
 I've got this, bought as a Pop-Ex Ex Juke-Box 45, Dovecot Salerooms, Hartlepool Nov 1976. Loads of 76-77 Island EP's like this, Free, Bryan Ferry, Traffic etc.

8th Nov 2011
 Flipside label of the 'jukebox special' uploaded...yes, kokodog, I've finally tracked down a copy! Many, many thanks from bringing this to my attention here in the first place.

Now, who's hoarding all the DJ copies of the EP itself...?

30th Oct 2010
 Yes, "96 Tears" is the other song on the 'jukebox' edition. They show up for sale reasonably regularly. The DJ copies are harder to get, but well worth it for the different edits... especially Masters' exclamation "Are you ready to rock?" before "...Denver", which was excised from stock copies.

29th Oct 2010
 Coudn't agree more, kokodog. Am I correct in assuming that '96 Tears' is on the other side of the 'jukebox special'? Any ideas where I can get a copy?!?

30th Aug 2010
 Pivotal moment.

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