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Record Details

Artist:Holland-Dozier Featuring Lamont Dozier
Label:  Invictus
Catalogue:INV 525
Date:22 Oct 1972
Chart Position:29
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Community:28 Own
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AHolland-Dozier Featuring Lamont DozierWhy Can't We Be LoversHolland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier, Holland9.3  Rate
BHolland-DozierDon't Leave Me (Instrumental)Holland, Dozier, HollandHolland, Dozier, Holland8.5  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 443


Alan Phillips
11th Jan 2012
 Demo label scans added

Juke Jules
11th Oct 2011

2nd Sep 2011
 Totally agree with you guys. Can I slip in a mention too, for 'You Made Me Over' by Melvin Davis, since you're both Invictus fans. Terrific interwoven melodies on that record in the string backing, of the quality found here.

1st Sep 2011
 With you all the way on that comment, BoyRed. Gotta be one of the greatest soul tracks of all time. Big Invictus fan here, and while much of their charting output was more uptempo, this shows that they could do superb slowies too. Should have been Top Five!!

16th Jan 2011
 Definitely in my Top 5 Soul/Pop records of all time. Bonus is that the B side (a studio edit of another track with the main vocal deleted) is pretty great too.
Here it here at BoyRed's SoundCloud

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