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Record Details

Artist:Stan Ridgway
Label:  I.R.S.
Catalogue:IRM 114
Date:Jun 1986
Chart Position:4
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:50 Own
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AStan RidgwayCamouflageStan RidgwayStan Ridgway, Louis Van Den Berg8.8  Rate
BStan RidgwayRio GreyhoundStan RidgwayStan Ridgway, Louis Van Den Berg4.0  Rate


9th Apr 2016
 My copy is deep green colour.

26th Feb 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scan 1 only) Both sides "Bilbo. Tape one" (Tape One Studios, in London, which closed in March 1990).

16th Oct 2014
 A-side music video


26th Jul 2013
 Just dug out CC69 One Hit Wonders I was Reading the Megabits not the Time. So on the back Sleeve Of the CD It has the Time as 5.03. So You are Right Alan. I Apologize For that. Still It Is a Digitized Copy of this Very Record You can Just Hear the Clicks Start as the Record Fades. So Still no Official release on CD. Ie: from the Master Tape. H.

Alan Phillips
26th Jul 2013
 Have just listened to the Classic Cuts version and it is the same length as the vinyl single
5.03 mins. - Alan

26th Jul 2013
 Sorry I meant as an Extra Track on Later Hits That Were on CD. My CD Singles Start In 1989. The Mastercuts Track Will Have Been Digitized from this Very Single Like the Bulk of the Tracks on Mastercuts.Just Listened To The Mastercut one 5.01 Long It Is on NOW 7 Disc 1 Also the same 7.17 So none have this Version. H.

26th Jul 2013
 I don't believe that CD singles were around in 1986

Alan Phillips
26th Jul 2013
 It's available on Mastermix Classic Cuts (CC69)

26th Jul 2013
 Hard to find this Version on CD. Not Even the CD Single has It. H.

9th Jun 2012
 I also have a copy of this with a Green label hue as well as the silver one

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