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Record Details

Artist:Alexei Sayle
Label:  Springtime
Catalogue:IS 162
Date:17 Feb 1984
Chart Position:15
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Community:38 Own, 2 Want
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AAlexei Sayle'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?-Pt.IAlexei SayleClive Langer, Alan Winstanley9.5  Rate
BAlexei Sayle'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?-Pt.IIAlexei SayleClive Langer, Alan WinstanleyRate


Licensed through Island, with an Island catalogue number.

Reissue of WIP 6768.


16th Mar 2013
 Braille picture cover added.

18th May 2012
 Sorry to the catter who posted about the pic discs, I deleted one of your comments and the process deleted both. Please repeat your comment. I have the 12" in a pic sleeve and you are right, definitely not to be played in front of your Granny.

18th May 2012
 This video is not for anyone with delicate ears. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

My mate's mum nearly had a fit when I played this round his house in 1984.

18th May 2012
 Promotional Poster for the 1984 re-release uploaded.

23rd Jul 2011
 Yes - original now has its own entry. They are both released by Island (Island cat nos) but both are on their own Springtime label so I'm leaving them both as Springtime (The Guinness book isn't as accurate as the labels themselves!).

20th Jul 2011
 As they have a different catalogue number and year of release, shouldn't the yellow Springtime labels have their own entry? The Guinness Book lists the later issue as being Island rather than Springtime.

(Also, note for pedants: the top right of the back of the picture sleeve shows the cat# as 1S 162 rather than IS 162. I've only just noticed this, and I uploaded it!).

19th Jul 2011
 This single was first released in 1982 (WIP 6768). Alexei Sayle performed it on OTT on 6 February that year, so I'm assuming it was released round about then. It didn't chart first time.

The 1984 re-issue, with a different label and a new catalogue number, reached the Top 20. There was also a 12" version (of both issues) which featured Ullo John Got A New Motor parts 3 and 4. Part 3 was an extended version about nine minutes long, while part 4 was nothing but a tirade of obscenities set to the same rhythm.

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