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Record Details

Artist:Crème Caramel
Label:  Janus
Date:Oct 1969
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Community:4 Own
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ACrème CaramelMy IdeaP. ScullyDavid ParamorRate
BCrème CaramelExcursionC. Taylor, P. Hearne, R. MitchellDavid ParamorRate


A Taboo Production

The first release from Janus Records, originally founded as a joint venture of GRT (General Recorded Tape) Corporation and British Pye Records (GRT became sole owner of Janus in 1971).

BB Oct 25 - entered Bubbling Under chart, reached no. 128

Matrix numbers are ZTSP 221914 (A side) and ZTSP 221915 (B side). Future Janus releases did not employ Columbia Records' custom matrix numbering system as this one did.


Number: 402006  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: W.B.lbl
Description: A side (label variant from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant).

Number: 402007 
Uploaded By: W.B.lbl
Description: B side (label variant from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant).

Number: 1499499 
Uploaded By: Klepsie
Description: B side label variant

22nd May 2016

26th Dec 2014
 Added B side variant; same typeface, etc., but the title has been moved right so it doesn't overlap the Janus Records logo (and now aligns with the second E in "Creme" rather than the first).

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