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Artist:Adam Faith
Label:  Top Rank
Catalogue:JAR 126
Date:6 May 1959
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Community:15 Own, 3 Want
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AAdam FaithAh, Poor Little Baby!Falk, KouryTony HatchJohn Barry7.5  Rate
BAdam FaithRunk BunkBurtonTony HatchTony Hatch6.5  Rate


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Number: 122250 
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Description: B side label

Number: 1149296 
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Description: A side label

Number: 1145371 
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Uploaded By: KeithS
Description: JAR 126

20th May 2014
 Kenny Everett featured 'Runk Bunk' on his 'World's Worst Records' show.

26th Jan 2014
 Adam himself also agrees in his autobiography, Acts of Faith.

26th Jan 2014
 Most certainly was in New Zealand. Although that has side one and two on the labels. Wouldn't think they would have flipped the record just for us.

Charlie Chalk
26th Jan 2014
 I must admit that I thought 'Ah, Poor Little Baby!' was the A side.

26th Jan 2014
 Leaving aside the fact that the lower number is the 'B', it is always "Ah, Poor Little Baby!" that I have heard played / referred to as Adam's first record. Anyone else agree?

11th May 2012

23rd Apr 2012

11th Feb 2011
 Got Thurston Harris' version of Runk Bunk

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New Zealand - Top Rank - 1960

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