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Artist:Lee Allen
Label:  Top Rank
Catalogue:JAR 265
Date:Dec 1959
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Community:11 Own
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ALee AllenCat WalkAllen, Toussaint5.0  Rate
BLee AllenCreole AlleyLee Allen7.0  Rate


23rd Jul 2013
 Great, of course. But I often wonder of Lee Allen's greatest moments come as a sideman.

mickey rat
26th Apr 2012
 Amazing that people like Cosimo Matassa are still around. I always kinda assumed he was middle-aged in the 1950s but he was only in his early thirties when this was recorded, pretty much the same age as Lee Allen at the time.

25th Apr 2012
 It was record in Cosimo Mattasa's studio and if you call him on (504) 412-8700 he should be able to confirm that.

25th Apr 2012
 In John Broven's book "Rhythm & Blues", Lee Allen is quoted as saying it was 'guys in New York' who told him he should record this tune. Sadly, there's no mention of the studio used.

mickey rat
25th Apr 2012
 Now this I liked. Bought it as a teen and played a lot at the time. Recorded in New Orleans in 1959. Lee Allen (ts), Red Tyler (bs), Allen Toussaint (org), Justin Adams (g), Edgar Blanchard (bj), Frank Fields (b), Charles Williams (d). However Herald files say recorded at Bell Sound in New York which can't be right can it? Note Lee Allen recorded a completely different toon called "Creole Alley" for Aladdin in 1956 which turned up on a French LP in the 1980s.

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