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Record Details

Artist:Roy Wood
Label:  Jet
Catalogue:JET 754
Date:May 1975
Chart Position:13
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Community:62 Own, 1 Wants
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ARoy WoodOh What A ShameRoy WoodRoy Wood6.8  Rate
BRoy WoodBengal JigRoy WoodRoy Wood2.0  Rate


11th Sep 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scans 3 & 4) Both sides "Arun" (Chakraverty).

30th Nov 2014
 TOTP appearance

8th Jul 2013
 Variant labels added with Roy Wood/Carlin listed as the publishers not just Roy Wood Music

25th Jun 2012
 Hi Zebedy Zak. The guitarist and the keyboard player from Wizzard, Formed a Group called "Destiny" With a beautiful and great singer blonde girl a drummer and bass player. They sill had there long hair Greying at the time. But they were yery good. Not shure if they put any recordings down. they were In the process of putting songs together. I D.J.ed for them on there Debut.H.

24th Jun 2012
 Regarding the paper label here Zeb, I see the sleeve credits Island as the distributor, which may explain it. Can any of our resident Jet experts explain this brief 'defection' by the label, in the middle of a run of Polydor-distributed product?

24th Jun 2012
 This single was something of an apt title because it turned out to be Roy Wood's final hit single as a solo singer, and his band Wizzard had no more hits after "Are You Ready To Rock", which preceded this single by five months. "Oh What A Shame" is a good song, similar in style to the Wizzard singles and featuring a nice saxophone break. It was one of the singles I played most often during the summer of 1975 (I was 13 then). My copy was exactly the same as the one shown here, with the yellow label (more commonly found on the United Artists-distributed Jet singles), the four-pronged centre and the picture sleeve. I have never seen a copy of this one with the blue plastic moulded labels more commonly found on other Jet releases in this sequence of numbers (like Wizzard's unsuccessful single "Rattlesnake Roll" on JET 758). I bought "Oh What A Shame" when it was in the charts and I expected it to climb higher than 13, but that was as far as it went. Oh, what a shame it wasn't a Top 10 hit!

27th Jan 2011

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