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Record Details

Artist:Various Artists
Label:  Jazzman
Catalogue:JM 073
Date:May 2010
Title:The Shadows Cast By Tomorrow
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:3 Own
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Triple pack of 45's inside a tri-fold out screen printed sleeve.

45's are luminous vinyl and come in black inner sleeves.

Hand numbered edition of 999.

Labels show the prefix JMAN but the sleeve uses the regular JM


Billy Two
29th May 2010
 Yup, see what you mean about the pressing. I yesterday picked up #799 (for an eye watering £24), and the discs are certainly less than flat. All play reasonably OK though, just a couple of pops at the start of "Enlightenment" - one of the quietest bits of all six tracks >:/

Still, lovely package in general, and "The Perfect Man" is a corker.

Dr Doom
28th May 2010
 Careful. It turns out nearly the entire pressing is a bit faulty.

Warped discs and blobs of luminous stuff poking through the vinyl to cause clicks.


Billy Two
28th May 2010
 Ooooooooooh !

*knees go weak*

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