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Artist:Connie Francis
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:K13505 / K 13505
Date:May 1966
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Community:12 Own, 1 Wants
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AConnie FrancisIt's A Different WorldJimmy CraneTom WilsonBenny Golson8.0  Rate
BConnie FrancisEmpty ChapelRandy Starr, Kay Twomey, Fred WiseTom WilsonBenny GolsonRate


BB May 7, 1966

BB May 28 - entered Bubbling Under Chart for one week, reached no. 134


Number: 255560  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: cridde
Description: Connie Francis 1966

Number: 831224 
Uploaded By: Graham7
Description: A side label

Number: 831225 
Uploaded By: Graham7
Description: B side label

Number: 1356536 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: Variant A side

Number: 1356537 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: Variant B side

Number: 1567428 
Uploaded By: confranfan
Description: MGM K 13505 DJ Side 1

Number: 1567429 
Uploaded By: confranfan
Description: MGM K 13505 DJ Side 2

Number: 1669842 
Uploaded By: SvendHenrik00
Description: Front Cover MGM K-13505 CONNIE FRANCIS

15th Mar 2013
 There is a FIRST release with the 'A' side to have been "WHEN YOU COME HOME AGAIN"/EMPTY CHAPEL. Sleeves exist with this title,but are extremely limited..i would say round 5 copies perhaps.It is unknown if a disc exists????.This was withdrawn and replaced by It's A Different World.proposed release date April 1966
The 'When You Come Home Again' was released on cd from Sth Africa ONCE TO EVERY HEART in 1995

12th May 2012
 Composer of "Empty Chapel" : R. Starr‧Kay Twomey‧Fred Wise
Composer of "It's A Different World" : Jimmy Crane

Please view this link:It's A Different World/Empty Chapel

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