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Artist:The Cowsills
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:K 13944
Date:May 1968
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Community:28 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe CowsillsIndian LakeTony RomeoWes FarrellTony Romeo9.0  Rate
BThe CowsillsNewspaper BlanketBill Cowsill, Bob CowsillBill Cowsill, Bob CowsillHerb Bemstein8.0  Rate


BB May 18, 1968

BB Hot 100 - reached no. 10


17th Jun 2014
 Delta numbers in dead wax


24th Apr 2014
 I'm 98% sure stereo versions of "Indian Lake" can be found here

URC - 1005

COL 4230

For an odd pairing, you can find "Hair" (stereo) with the DeFranco Family on the B-side.

COL 4342

Actually "Hair" is the technical B-side.

24th Apr 2014
 I own the copy with the blue-and-gold swirl label (the one pressed by Southern Plastics).

This was about the time MGM switched from that old, stodgy black label to the new blue-and-gold design; somehow, the new design seemed to go very well with a hit like "Indian Lake." Whereas the black label seemed to suggest, "Yes, we're mighty Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" and it had late 50's - early 60's written all over it, the new label said, "Yeah, we're still MGM Records - but this is now, and we're tuned into today!" (Coincidentally, the label's then-current campaign slogan was "The Sounds of Now on MGM Records.")

Too bad they didn't unveil the blue-and-gold label two years earlier when supergroups on MGM like Eric Burdon and the Animals were still in their prime (the new design would have gone well with "Don't Bring Me Down"), and the "modernized Leo" MGM logo was now being used in advertising the company's movies and records (in print ads).

It's doubly surprising that PolyGram - which later bought out MGM Records and absorbed it into Polydor - didn't reissue "Indian Lake" in stereo on 45 (they did reissue the Cowsills' "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" and "Hair" in stereo on first the MGM and then the Polydor "Band of Gold" Series and then on Polydor Timepieces). Shame - "Indian Lake" in stereo would sound excellent on my new jukebox!

3rd Feb 2014
 From what I see, the plant that still had the old (1960-68) label blanks was Midwest Record Pressings of Chicago, IL ({Images #1155214 & 1155215}); all other plants, from the evidence, fell in line with the newer design.

31st Dec 2013
 I'm surprised no one has added the promo labels or black MGM labels for this yet (I own both, currently have access to neither). If I am able to get to them before someone else does, I'll add them,,,,,

30th Dec 2013
 Added alternate label variant images.

18th Oct 2013
 Also issued on the Golden Circle label #KGC 195, same tracks.

6th Apr 2013
 Added another set of labels.

7th Sep 2012
 Added missing label scans, via pressing by MGM's Bloomfield, NJ plant with typesetting by Pace Press, NYC.

That Wes Farrell produced the A side was a tad ironic, given that he would later produce the records of The Partridge Family ("Starring Shirley Jones and Featuring David Cassidy") which, I.I.N.M., had been based on The Cowsills' saga.

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