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Artist:The Cowsills
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:K 14026 / K-14026
Date:Feb 1969
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Community:72 Own, 2 Want
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AThe CowsillsHairRado, Ragni, MacDermotBill Cowsill, Bob Cowsill9.2  Rate
BThe CowsillsWhat Is Happy?Cowsill, Cowsill, Kornfeld, DuboffBill Cowsill, Bob CowsillArtie Schroeck9.3  Rate


BB March 1, entered bubbling under chart
BB March 8, entered Hot 100, reached no. 2

CB charted March, reached no. 1


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13th Jul 2015
 Variant scans added.

20th Aug 2014
 Stereo, and someone combined the two vids..

17th Jul 2014
 It'd be vinyl all right; a few Bestway 45 pressings would've been made in vinyl, mostly late 1960's promos for various labels including Atlantic/Atco and the Bell sublabels. Besides, I've a vinyl Bestway of this meself; the spacing of the lead-in and lead-out grooves was very much characteristic of that on MGM 45's right up to the end of '69. The sound is almost like what one would expect from BBC Grampian cutterheads, which some audiophiles have characterized as gritty, crunchy and brittle-sounding.

Given that MGM's own plant wasn't pressing 45's at this point (wouldn't resume until later in the year), a shame that they didn't go to Columbia to help press their product; would've loved to see the Pitman fonts on such label design.

17th Jul 2014
 I own the same copy as images 964766 and 964767 which is a Bestway pressing. Interesting thing about this pressing, it is a vinyl pressing with Bestway hand etched into the deadwax. I have many Bestway pressings in my collection from various labels, but this is the first I have come across that is not styrene. I wasn't even aware they did vinyl pressings! W.B.lbl you have any idea about Bestway also working with vinyl or could this be a counterfeit?

1st Jul 2014
 Great sunshine pop B-side.

2nd Sep 2013
 Notice, of all these variants, one noticeably absent: the Pace Press printing concern in New York City that printed the labels for all MGM and subsidiary / distributed labels as pressed by the label's Bloomfield, NJ plant. For that matter, no known Bloomfield copies exist of this original release (though they would later handle at least "Hair" in its Golden Circle reissue).

24th Mar 2013
 Here's a snippet of this vid in higher res...still, I'd love to see the whole thing...John

15th Nov 2011
  I'd love to find this vid in good quality...John

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