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Artist:Gordon Lightfoot
Label:  Reprise
Catalogue:K 14069
Date:Jun 1971
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Community:14 Own
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AGordon LightfootIf You Could Read My MindGordon LightfootLenny Waronker, Joe WissertNick De Caro9.0  Rate
BGordon LightfootPoor Little AllisonGordon LightfootLenny Waronker, Joe WissertNick De CaroRate


Reissue of RS 20974 in new catalogue number sequence.


12th May 2013
 Is the March 1974 release date ("from 'The New Singles' no 518) not for the Warner Giants series issue (K 14344) which has a more likely 1974 number... I would agree that this was likely just 'issued' when the new numbering system came in in 1971.

The Toad
12th May 2013
 'Seventies Sevens' isn't foolproof - I'm the fool responsible for it - but in this case I'm sure that WEA didn't start their own distribution service until the mid '70s. I was working in a record shop at the time, and the changeover from CBS was publicised in the trade press. Thus CBS would have handled this single for the first half of the decade, with WEA taking over around 1976 if it was still on catalogue.

11th May 2013

CBS first then WEA according to this

11th May 2013
 KeithS, it wasn't CBS, it was WEA.

10th May 2013
 zebedy zak: it was: n.b. the lp it was taken from was re-titled from "sit down, young stranger", with this as the new title, and iirc wasn't a particularly good seller before the re-titling.

9th May 2013
 The number K 14069 suggests a 1971 release. They were up to at least K 14300 by 1974. Gordon Lightfoot's next new single "Sundown" is K 14327. Of course, K 14069 might have been re-released a second time and kept that number. The original issue of "If You Could Read My Mind" was RS 20974, that would have been very late 1970. The RS series was terminated when the K series began in 1971. Several singles from the old RS series that were still selling were given new K numbers. This Gordon Lightfoot single was one such example. Others included Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky" and Frank Sinatra's "My Way".

Speaking of Frank Sinatra, why did I get directed to one of his singles when I searched for the number K 14069? I knew all the time that number was this Gordon Lightfoot single. My copy of "If You Could Read My Mind" was K 14069, although I have seen other people with the older RS issue in their collections.

30th Jun 2012
 4-prong pushout variation added.

3rd Jan 2011
 The RS series were distributed by Pye....CBS took over and re released a lot of stuff under another numbering system..still in 1971 though

3rd Jan 2011
 It must be a rerelease as the original release in 1971 is here.

3rd Jan 2011
 A and B with Published 1970
is 1974 wrong?

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