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Artist:Sammy Davis, Jr. With The Mike Curb Congregation
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:K 14320 / K-14320 / K14320
Date:Nov 1971
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Community:51 Own, 2 Want
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ASammy Davis, Jr. With The Mike Curb CongregationThe Candy ManLeslie Bricusse, Anthony NewleyCurb, Costa7.0  Rate
BSammy Davis, Jr.I Want To Be HappyVincent Youmans, Irving CaesarJimmy Bowen9.0  Rate


BB - Jan. 1, 1972 (review)
BB - Mar. 11 : entered Hot 100, reached #1 (3 weeks beginning June 10)

Monarch Δ86808 / Δ86807


27th Oct 2015

23rd Jun 2014
 Replacement video (both sides)


23rd Jun 2014
 I can attest to that; it was among the first MGM 45's to be pressed by Shelley Products of Huntington Station, NY, which would have likely been upon PolyGram's purchase of the MGM label.

23rd Jun 2014
 Images 1316094 and 1316095 are from the same record, although they don't look like they would be

4th Jan 2014
 Hard to believe, but here is yet another alternate label variant.

11th Sep 2013
 Added three more sets of variations. Two 1st press and one 2nd press.

I originally wasn't going to add the 2nd press scans because I thought the label was just a slightly different color. But then I noticed the dashes in the perimeter print being different so I guess it'd be considered a variant.

4th Aug 2013
 I forgot. That does look like a smaller MGM LP label from that period.


4th Aug 2013
 Not just the rim text; apparently in that mod, they took to reducing the size of the LP label design, rather than adopting the newer rim print to the 45-oriented label design.

4th Aug 2013
 Uploaded A- and B-side labels of final label variant from late 1972..

Rim text was changed to reflect MGM Records' new location on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

10th Nov 2012
 added label variation

26th Sep 2012
 My version is a second pressing.

24th Sep 2012

1st Mar 2012
 First pressings made no reference to Sammy Davis, Jr. Now album in label copy text (as per label variant typeset by Pace Press, New York City).
Second pressings added "From the MGM Album 'Sammy Davis, Jr. Now' SE-4832" to label copy (as per label variant with IBM Selectric 6 point Classified News Bold and 10 point Univers Bold).

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