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Record Details

Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalogue:K 16357
Date:29 Mar 1974
Chart Position:6
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Community:76 Own, 3 Want
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AWizzardRock N' Roll Winter (Loony's Tune)Roy WoodRoy Wood9.1  Rate
BWizzardDream Of UnwinC. GrimaRoy Wood5.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 518

Gatefold picture sleeve.


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12th May 2015
 Both of mine One Demo one Stock are B11. H.

Oakley Boys
11th May 2015
 Interesting to see my two copies as having the B side matrices as B11 and B14.

1st Dec 2014
 I saw one of these discs today amongst 2 boxes of 45s on sale. didn't buy it though.

4th Aug 2014
 A-side (mono UK 45)


12th Jul 2014
 Just added this as part of a comment on the German release. It'd be better here as well:

The UK release was in mono, but we have releases for both Germany & Netherlands marked as 'Stereo' on the labels. Was there a stereo version of this? My UK copy has a matrix# ending in -A-14, but if Discogs is to be believed, there was a UK issue ending in -A-11. Both, however, were shown as mono on the labels.

28th Aug 2013
 Just noticed that in the last 3 editions of "Guiness Book Of Hit Singles" published they've got the cat. No's of "Rock n' roll winter" and "Are you ready to rock" the wrong way round and in the 2 editions (at least) previous to them, they have both records listed with cat. No. K16497 (Are you ready to rock cat. No.)

25th Jun 2011
 This was Wizzard's first official release for Warner Brothers after I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day on that label had to be withdrawn for contractual reasons. Personally, I thought it was a shame they left Harvest, I always thought Harvest was an attractive label, and the first record I bought on that label was in fact a Wizzard one (The Ball Park Incident). Over the next year or so I associated the Harvest label with Wizzard (and Roy Wood's solo hits as well).

Even so, Rock 'n' Roll Winter was (and still is) a great single, and not in the least bit disappointing for a Wizzard fan. Far from it, in fact. It was a great follow-up to their Christmas hit, although keeping up the winter theme was a bit out of season for an April release, as Roy Wood himself realised by adding his own humorous note to the label.

The B-side, Dream Of Unwin, is also excellent. Its composer, Charlie Grima, was one of the band's two drummers (Wizzard were one of the very few bands to feature two drummers). However, the song doesn't sound like it was written by a drummer. It seems at first as if it is going to be an instrumental (mainly keyboards and guitars), but there is a bit of singing towards the end. It is just another example of how good a band Wizzard were, and people who only remember them for their Christmas hit should check out this (and other Wizzard B-sides) and listen.

27th Jan 2011

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