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Record Details

Artist:Rod Stewart
Label:  Warner Bros.
Catalogue:K 16600
Date:22 Aug 1975
Chart Position:1
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Community:78 Own, 1 Wants
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ARod StewartSailingSutherlandTom Dowd8.3  Rate
BRod StewartStone Cold SoberStewart, CropperTom Dowd7.3  Rate


Re-promoted in a picture sleeve in 1976 after its use in a BBC TV series. Re-entered the chart and reached number 3.
Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 588.


30th Sep 2013
 I think my brain is turning to mush looking out for label variants, do these things really matter, all the text is identical to another one up here except mine is a non push-out.

sgt weatherman
24th Apr 2012
 Blue vinyl limited to 3000 copies for the crew of HMS Ark Royal, the visit was in December 1978 not October. This copy is signed "To Dougal's Mum Rod Stewart
That's my Mum in case anybody is wondering.
I even ended up sing Sailing with Rod on prime time TV, shame Rod forgot the words

23rd Oct 2011
 I much prefer Stone Cold Sober to Sailing - Cropper talked about this on Johnny Walker's Sounds of the 70's last week. Jolly good tune all round.

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