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Artist:The Buggles
Label:  Island
Date:Oct 1979
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The Bear
26th Sep 2015

5th Dec 2014
 Yes VJ. I did Mean VHS. Phillips was responsible for Laser Disc and CD's to. H.

5th Dec 2014
 Henry, presumably when you say VCR, you mean VHS (as in the main format used in the 80s, 90s and beyond). VCR was actually an earlier unsuccessful format by Philips (before Video 2000!), long before this Buggles song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Cassette_Recording

Obviously without being too pedantic, VCR became a standard description for any Video Cassette Recorder but VTR was and is still used (eg Sony always used VTR).

5th Dec 2014
 Yes That would be the Video 2000. There Tapes were twice the size of a VHS Tapes. They were around at the same time as Beta. As they Lost out to Beta and Beta lost out to VCR's. So In 1979 It could only be VTR. Or HVTR (Home Video Tape Recording) as it was known. H.

Neil Forbes
5th Dec 2014
 I saw a Betamax VCR and some tapes at an electronics and stereo equipment shop in Newcastle(Australia) way back in 1972, but it was only on display and colour TV was still three years away back then. You should've seen some of the earlier VCR machines! Massive, humungous beasts, they were! And the cassettes they used made the VHS cassettes look like matchboxes when put next to them. U-matic, I think they were, grand-daddy to the Beta format!, Hey R.C.! Wanna chat further on this? PM me or on e-mail(I've given you my e-mail address in a recent PM I sent you. Quite happy for you to use it, we won't be restricted by numbers of characters we can type).

Record Collector
5th Dec 2014
 first time I saw a video cassette was in 1982

Neil Forbes
5th Dec 2014
 Curious there! I always thought it was "put the blame on VCR" but on listening to the clip, and seeing the lyrics in English above the Spanish translation(I believe it to be Spanish), they sing "put the blame on VTR" - Video Tape Recorder rather than Video Cassette Recorder.

Record Collector
5th Dec 2014
 reason for that neil as I also have that three disc set poylgram used the buggles album version called the age of plastic rather the single edit

Neil Forbes
5th Dec 2014
 I wish to state categorically that I vehemently DISAGREE with the sentiments expressed in the title of this song.... Video DID NOT kill the radio star! He/she is alive and thriving on community stations across Australia and wherever community radio exists... So there!!!(blow raspberry and laugh loudly). That oughta tell 'em. Ya reckon, R.C.?
By the way, Polygram issued the complete 4-odd minute version on a 3-CD box set called "Retro Hits Of The 70s" back around the mid-1990s or so.

Record Collector
5th Dec 2014
 on this day 5th of December 1979 Video Killed The Radio Star made its debut on the NSW Top Forty charts it was number one for six weeks and stayed on the charts for eighteen weeks it was the last number one for 1979 and for the 1970's

Record Collector
14th Nov 2014
 on this day 14th of November 1979 this song entered the New South Wales local top 40 it debut at number 20 and reached number one and occupied at the top for six weeks and stay charts for eighteen weeks it was the last number one song of 1979 and the last for the seventies

15th Oct 2014
 Collectables/Island records in the USA reissued the full LP version on 45

COL 2600

A-side single version (stereo audio music video)

If you want to sit back and relax, check out this version.

Record Collector
15th Oct 2014
 as this clocks at 3:36 the album version the age of plastic clocks at 4:16

7th May 2014
 This A-side's video was the first video the USA channel MTV ever played.

18th Nov 2012
 just added data for the New Zealand pressing which is very similar to this one - including the cat. no.

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