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Artist:The Boots Mussulli Quartet
Label:  Capitol
Catalogue:KC 65002
Date:Dec 1954
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AThe Boots Mussulli QuartetDiga Diga DooMcHugh, FieldsRate
BThe Boots Mussulli QuartetLullaby In RhythmGoodman, Sampson, Profit, HirschRate


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15th Aug 2011
 Yes, I remember the feeling when I got a 10" Capitol LP with the Decca labelling covered by an EMI Sticker. I'd no idea it was formerly a Decca group label and does it not look strange with a tri-centre?

12th Aug 2011
 A version of Diga Diga Doo by the Mills Brothers is in episode 6 of the fantastic Australian spoof space hero series "Rocky Star".

12th Aug 2011
 I don't know how the parties got on with each other at the time, but Decca's contract with Capitol was due for renewal as of 31st December 1955 - EMI bought 96% of Capitol sometime during that year, so it probably just 'dovetailed'. Don't forget they were all bowler hatted gentlemen at the time, at least in London ! And pretty soon Decca wiped their tears and grabbed RCA.

12th Aug 2011
 I wonder how it worked legally when Decca signs a leasing deal with the independent Capitol label.
Deccas biggest rival EMI then buys the Capitol label and obviously dont want Decca involved any more
What happened to the contracts??Was there a gentleman's deal done in some London club between Decca and EMI ."Looky here, this just isnt cricket old chap...conflict of interest and all that"

12th Aug 2011
 There were just 4 records issued in this series (in the UK - don't know about America). All December 1954:
65000 Bill Holman Octet - Cousin Jack c/w Plain Folks
65001 Frank Rosolino Sextet - That Old Black Magic c/w Yo Yo
65002 Boots Mussulli Quartet - Diga Diga Doo c/w Lullaby in Rhythm
65003 Claude Williamson Trio - All God's Chillun Got Rhythm c/w Woody 'n You.
I still think it funny to see Capitol and Decca releases advertised together in early 50s music papers. By the time I started buying records Capitol was (had always been in my mind) owned by EMI. I had no reason to think otherwise for years.


12th Aug 2011
 That rings a bell.

davie gordon
12th Aug 2011
 I think it's a series supervised by Stan Kenton.

12th Aug 2011
 Oh, do tell. What is the KC series?

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