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Record Details

Artist:Andy Cameron
Label:  Klub
Catalogue:KLUB 03
Date:Feb 1978
Chart Position:6
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:40 Own, 1 Wants
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AAndy CameronAlly's Tartan ArmyTraditionalPeter ShiptonAndy Cameron5.5  Rate
BAndy CameronI Want To Be A Punk RockerNordiniPeter ShiptonRate


A release date of 24 Mar 1978 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 716

B Side composer should read 'Nardini'


29th Apr 2015
 Don't believe it!
I've actually found a copy with a pic sleeve. Get in there!!
Only other copy I knew of, was the one in 45 Revolutions book.
That copy belonged to Alex Paraskevopoulos. :)

5th Jan 2015
 It looks like BT's White Label and the Red label from doormanperdoro are both Irish pressings .. which is even 'Odder' ...but at this stage not a total surprise !!!

4th Dec 2014
 I actually came across an Irish Pressing of this single on my travels around town yesterday so will scan it later this morning.

The Toad
26th Oct 2014
 That sounds pretty conclusive. Nothing to do with the North of Ireland, then.

26th Oct 2014
 @The Toad: My copy is the red label which my Dad bought in Edinburgh in 1979.

18th Jul 2014
 Klub is a part of Lismore which also distributed Irish material in Scotland. The Irish connection is discussed here. RL 970

The Toad
16th Jul 2014
 The red labels look Irish, with the (P)...

16th Jul 2014
 I don't have a picture sleeve for mine either. It came with a sleeve with the EMI Records logo on it so Klub must have been an affiliate.

3rd Jul 2013
 From Mag World!

19th Mar 2013
 Obviously, I have a copy.

But i want one with the rare picture sleeve.

9th Aug 2011
 In view of the lyrics to this, should it be listed under comedy ? (Sorry Dr Doom) :-)

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