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Artist:Johnny Mathis
Label:  CBS Coronet
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Community:3 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohnny MathisWonderful! Wonderful!Raleigh, S. Edwards7.0  Rate
BJohnny MathisWhen Sunny Gets BlueSegal, M. Fisher8.0  Rate


12th Feb 2014
 Added a third centre design - this time round

the Flea
26th Feb 2013
 Cool never seen an Australian square centre before. Add to that a glorious Johnny Mathis song, it's one I will be looking out for.

mickey rat
27th May 2012
 A word for the "quad" centre. Not as common, or as elegant, as the "tri" and certainly not as likely to drive collectors to madness, but I thought I'd give it an airing. The Australian Record Company (Coronet etc) used them for awhile in the 1950s and I seem to remember a lot of New Zealand pressings on various labels had them. Anywhere else?

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