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Artist:Johnny Mathis
Label:  CBS Coronet
Date:Jul 1957
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Community:5 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohnny MathisWonderful! Wonderful!Raleigh, S. Edwards7.0  Rate
BJohnny MathisWhen Sunny Gets BlueSegal, M. Fisher8.0  Rate


record archivist
10th Jan 2015
 Answer to DJA, the triangle is the first and common pressing during 1956-57, pressed by ARC, distributors of Coronet, Capitol and Pacific..
Square pressing, extremely rare, not seen one and more likely pressed in NZ with Aust labels for Aust. market.
Round centres were pressed elsewhere possibly EMI or RCA.

22nd Apr 2014
 The interesting thing is which one of these labels above is the first pressing. The Square, Triangle or Round centre?

12th Feb 2014
 Added a third centre design - this time round

the Flea
26th Feb 2013
 Cool never seen an Australian square centre before. Add to that a glorious Johnny Mathis song, it's one I will be looking out for.

mickey rat
27th May 2012
 A word for the "quad" centre. Not as common, or as elegant, as the "tri" and certainly not as likely to drive collectors to madness, but I thought I'd give it an airing. The Australian Record Company (Coronet etc) used them for awhile in the 1950s and I seem to remember a lot of New Zealand pressings on various labels had them. Anywhere else?

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