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Record Details

Artist:Jo Stafford
Label:  CBS Coronet
Date:Jul 1958
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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AJo StaffordIt Won't Be EasyC. Tobias, N. SimonRate
BJo StaffordI May Never Pass This Way AgainWizell, MelcherRate


With Paul Weston & His Orch.


9th Apr 2012
 Sue plastic sleeve pic here. The record/sleeve originally came out of Mickey Rat's collection.

mickey rat
3rd Apr 2012
 Hey sladesounds, you do realise it will take the rest of your life to post 25,000 singles on this site? Anyway I'd be interested in seeing U.S. plastic company sleeves because I don't think I've ever seen any.

mickey rat
3rd Apr 2012
 Yes I guess you're right earlybird. I hadn't looked at that site in quite a while and it's grown like topsy since I last checked it out. The internet seems to grow organically in all directions and it's a shame in a way that 45cat and 45sleeves weren't connected at birth. Anyway thanks for alerting me. Have you been involved with 45sleeves.com?

3rd Apr 2012
 Mickey I recently bought a large lot of US singles and there are quite a few '60s releases in plastic company sleeves. I will get some put up on the site when I rediscover what box they are in.

mickey rat
2nd Apr 2012
 A number of Aussie labels went with the plastic sleeves in the early '60s. They didn't seem particularly remarkable at the time but in hindsight they're quite impressive and collectors are always on the look out for clean ones. Some, like the short-lived Sue imprint are now very hard to find. Chang4pian4 posted a very nice example here and I'm sure longtime collectors like earlybird and vinyl_junkie could come up with nice representative scans for 45cat.

The Toad
2nd Apr 2012
 I only bought this for the weird octagonal label. The company sleeve is thin plastic - polythene? - and doesn't have the centre cut out. As for the record itself, it consists of a couple of typical late-fifites 'light vocal' songs: pleasant fare, if not gripping.

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