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Artist:Kula Shaker
Label:  Columbia [Sony]
Catalogue:KULA 76
Date:28 Jul 1997
Chart Position:70
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:4 Own
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AKula ShakerHushSouthCrispian Mills, Stephen Harris9.0  Rate
BKula ShakerRaagy One (Waiting For Tomorrow)Mills, Kula ShakerCrispian MillsRate


Picture sleeve. Single originally released (on CD and cassette) on 24 February 1997 reaching number 2.

The first six Kula Shaker singles were all reissued on 7" in July 1997. This included straight reissues of the first three singles (KULA 71, KULA 72 and KULA 73) which had all been avaialbe on 7" on first issue. The next three singles had only been released on 2 CDs and cassette commercially. While all had been pressed as jukebox promos and KULA 75 had been available as a mail order only 7", this was the first time KULA 74, KULA 75 and KULA 76 had been avaialable on 7" in shops. A box to house all six singles was available by mail order.

This issue uses different artwork to the original CD and a different B side to the jukebox version.


23rd Oct 2015
 It's Stylorouge.

23rd Oct 2015
 The cover illustration reminds me of those Terry Gilliam animations for Monty Python's Flying Circus. I can't quite make out the "Art direction" credit.

22nd Oct 2015
 If anyone's looking for the postcard discussed below, I've moved it to the jukebox issue because that is from the same time - the postcard is not related to this version.

9th Apr 2012
 Yeah, I saw a documentary about it back in the day...

9th Apr 2012

9th Apr 2012
 It was a company called Trinity Street, based in Leamington Spa, which did most of this business at that time.

9th Apr 2012
 Yes and so many of them came from Leamington Spa, of all places...

Col Wolfe
9th Apr 2012
 Nice to see some of these postcards appearing - my postie hated them in the late 90s!

Would soon be phased out by the internet. Probably collectors items in their own right in the future. Certainly less of them about than the products they advertised.

9th Apr 2012
 Advertising postcard added

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