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Artist:Charlie [Indie]
Label:  Laurel
Catalogue:LAU 12
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:2 Own
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ACharlie [Indie]Who Am I?Rate
BCharlie [Indie]Creepy CrawliesRate


White Vinyl


Paul Vinyl
8th May 2012
 I agree,
I did actually think they were called 'Charlie That's Who' or Thats.

8th May 2012
 I actually think "Charlie, That's Who" would be a better band name than just "Charlie". Or perhaps a song title... probably by the Coasters...

Paul Vinyl
8th May 2012
 Billy it was a cheapy record, you might have served me when I bought it
I'm often in there I'm going tomorrow.

Billy Two
8th May 2012
 I served time at the Record And Tape Exchange in Notting Hill, and the sticker defacement shows that this 7" did as well. It would've passed through my hands on one interminably dreary day of pricing records, and I obviously thought it would "be funny" if I added my own comment.

I'm not sure whether owning up to this is in my best interests, but hey ho - it's out there now. It was a long time ago now...last century !

Paul Vinyl
8th May 2012
 Billy how come it's your writting on the label?
Whats the story.
Were you in the Band?

Billy Two
8th May 2012
 I'm embarrassed and not a little regretful at this. How could I have left the apostrophe out of "that's" ? Shameful literacy.

Apologies to all, it wont happen agane.

8th May 2012
 Goes to show how small our planet is, Billy Two.

Billy Two
8th May 2012
 Ahh...that's my writing on the label.

Paul Vinyl
8th May 2012
A- Side - Who Am I?
B- Side Creepy Crawlies

Well investigated Londonwelsh
That's the one.
I did look on ebay obviously not very hard.

8th May 2012
 CHARLIE (INDIE) who am i 7" b/w creepy crawlies (lau12) sticker tear to rear of

Found this on Ebay - this is probably it?



Paul Vinyl
8th May 2012
 Does anyone anything about this single.

I bought this a few years ago, it sounds very much 90's Brit Pop.

I'm not a 100% sure that its on the Laurel label but in the run out groove it has LAU 12,
(It's not Menswear I don't think)

The title track is defintely Who Am I?

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